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Cyber Days! All Tim Holtz Items 10% to 50% OFF
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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

often get general ideas but am not sure what products I want to use. Sometimes I may just have a color scheme in my head or a particular theme.

When that happens, I gather up all the supplies I could possibly use on my project, whether it's an album, a book of stencils, dies, paints, inks, trims or flowers.

And when you have *a lot* of supplies spread across your craft space, it can be difficult to see them all across that wider space. By gathering them up, it can help you better see what you have.

I find that this helps me create with more intention and the ideas flow so much more readily. I also use supplies I may not have thought about without combing through my stash to gather it all up first and use up older supplies. And I'm able to create projects with more happiness and ease--and so much less frustration!

I've gathered up supplies for SBC Fest in the same way. I know that Tim Holtz is also a big advocate for a similar idea, especially during the holiday making season. He holds all his "trinkety bits" and die cuts in muffin tins so things are ready to when inspiration strikes.

So today I encourage you to find a little storage bin, tin or bowl and keep it at the ready. Or fill it with the current season of supplies like Tim! You never know when you might get the itch to create. Seeing it all laid out like that can really help those ideas flow!