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Hi Friends, With the loss of our photograph tags here at SB, I'm reposting these three art pieces to show my progress in drawing and acrylic mediums for the mixed media challenge thread. The second photo was my initial attempt at painting faces with acrylic paint. She turned out with rough and rather immature features, but I really love how the background work came out. The first photo has an acrylic base with watercolor pencils over the top. I've since learned to use an extender in my acrylics, to make blending acrylic's much easier and more realistic. I found doing a portrait with hands, teeth and ears very challenging! The third photo was an abstract drawing, that pulled this girl with her bird out in a very abstract painting of acrylics. Do you like the way any of these turned out? Let me know the comments and thank you so much for having a peek! ~ Dawna