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This is page #6 in my blog series I am writing about which I am displaying all of the pages I have created since I first started Scrapbooking. When I started Scrapbooking 4 years ago I came across some Scrapbooking supplies at an Office Depot. I had always had Scrapbooks that I had bought at Wal-mart which I would just place my mementoes from various occasions within. I never did anything further than just gluing them in and when I saw this amazing Pioneer 12X12 Mulberry Paper bound album I was in love. Then I saw these beautiful papers and stickers & I thought to myself I would really enjoy put my pictures on these papers & document my history. When I started Scrapbooking I had never read a book or magazine, nor did I have any knowledge of any techniques. In the first 17 pages I created I made pages from my creative mind & nothing else. When you get to my 18 design that is where you will see a HUGE improvement as that is when I started buying magazines & books as I saw my first Scrapbooking show on DIY Network & I was in awe with all of the awesome techniques you can do. Of course the more that I learned about Scrapbooking, the harder it was for me to design pages as I was embarrassed by the pages I had done versus what I saw on TV & in books & magazines. On layout 17 I started to 2nd guess my design, & I couldn't decide on colors or how to place my pictures. I was becoming very frustrated & now days it can take me up to a week or more just to do 1 layout. I do not know if anyone else has gone through this, but if you haven't you are very lucky. In this layout all I did was take the Fiskars Shaper template (rectangles) & turn it at an angle for the bottom two photos which I just outlined the rectangle. Then I cut the rectangles with decorative scissors, and just taped the photos to the back of the 12X12 paper. The stickers I used I bought at Hobby Lobby which they still sell today which are 3D decorative by Making Memories and for the date that I used silver stickers on I bought at Michaels Craft Stores which you can still buy to this day that cost about $2.99