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ANOTHER local place I never knew existed.this marina is l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y 10 minutes from my house. Ive passed by a million times and have even visited the park across the highway from it. NEVER noticed the boats. Or the water. Or, apparently, people. My friend, Collette, has been my local tour guide this past month - shes a transplant from California. So sad; Ive lived in Virginia over 40 years; youd think I know whats around me. In any case, Collette and I met in 1978 when both our families were stationed in Japan and we were at the same school.

2023 September Challenges
Mixed Media
Scrap with Scraps
Frames (with Twist)
Scrap Your Pets/Animals

The Polaroid frame and sunglasses are wood veneer; the anchor is stenciled, and the seagull is a Cricut file.