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Well this picture wasn't taken by me, I found it on the internet and instantly thought it was just beautiful. I don't know who its by, all I know is its called African Sunset. But it's just gorgeous. I used paper and ribbon by Shabby Princess, the brushes were found at Scrapgirls.com. I got the inspiration for this from a page I saw by an Amy B @ the sketch library.
The words around the corners are actually a poem I wrote way back in the day about a sunset I had seen. It says, " I saw the blazing sun go down, its colours bright as I watched from town. The reds and oranges plus yellows shone bright, as it went down, getting ready for night. Its brightness shone like fire in the red and pink sky, and I starred in awe as it said good-bye. I'll always remember that sunset, and its redness as it went. I'll always remember its beauty, its perfection, all beacause of the rays of the sun." I was only like 14 when I wrote this, hahaha, you can tell by the words I used, but I thoguht it would be a good addition to the page.
Thanks for looking guys!