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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling reads: Freshman Year 1994 - 1995 After 2 weeks of band camp before school even started I quickly learned that band was not going to be something I did in High School, but High School would be what I did when I wasn't at band. With 3 periods a day of band, Thursday night practices, and lunch everyday spent at the bandroom, it seemed like I spent more time there than at my own home. All my friends were in band, my schedule was planned around band, and the field show was constantly playing from start to finish in my head. On the second day of band camp I almost quit. It was too hard, I didn't get it, and all the seniors seemed to be yelling at me for everything. But mom told me to get some rest, come back the next day, and see how I felt then... Thank God I listened to her because the best was surely yet to come.