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We're Celebrating World Card Making Day ALL WEEK LONG!
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I used a design by Becky, Samsmom, for this layout. The journaling is long...bear with it if you so choose! The 7 gypsies tag reads: Confidential: Caution! May contain explicit words such as TOILET, NAKED, POTTY, AND TUSH! Behind the tag is a flip down column of journaling...***Potty training. A great and dreaded rite of toddler passage. I was NOT looking forward to going through it with you. But I had a plan. Ah, the plan. We would start right after you turned 2 ½. That is, right after 2 ½ AND after our trip to Disneyland. OK, after
2 ½ AND Disneyland AND Christmas. Imagine our surprise when first week of December, after a long day of Disney fun, you promptly dropped your drawers and made a deposit in the foreign hotel toilet. Perhaps it was the novelty, or perhaps it was because you had been told that you were not “big enough” several times that day. Whatever it was, you were determined. We returned from the trip and within the week you were wearing underwear almost exclusively. As easy as it was for you, it was a challenge for me. It had never occurred to me that there were multiple positions from which to leave your deposit. Frontward, backward, and then the whole standing up thing that seemed years away. But no, on an outdoor trip with no toilet in sight, you learned “the art” of “the arc.” Ah, boys. Your enthusiasm never ceased to amaze me. You would commonly be heard alone in the bathroom singing “I am the champion...of the world!” complete with falsetto at the end. Many successful attempts were followed by your naked tush running through the house while “raising the roof” and giving yourself a “whoop whoop!” And then there was your “spotless” toilet preference. I didn’t know whether to hug you or spank you the day you stood in front of the toilet saying, “Dang it, mom! There’s a spot in my toilet!” And refusing to use it until I had thoroughly cleaned it. So, we’ve passed through this “rite of passage” relatively unscathed. Not to say that it has been without it’s struggles, but let’s just say that you definitely managed LESS drama that your sister. Way to go, dude. You are definitely the KING of the throne. *** Thanks for bearing with the journaling.