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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

There is a special reason why I took these photos of some of my closest family with christmas hats on!

My dad just got a new job he couldn't say no to. But he should start his job on dec. the 23 -and first come home on jan. the 6th !! So for the first time, he will not be home for christmas!

Here in Denmark we celebrate christmas on dec. 24, and we call dec. 25 "First christmas day"
It was the plan that my mom and dad should have the christmas party on dec. 25. But because he not would be home that day, we celebrated it on dec. 18 -so he also could get a little christmas this year!

I wanted to give him something special, because he would be away for christmas...and he couldn't have all his christmas presents with him at his work. So I desided to make a special card for him. The day we had our early christmas party, I photographed everyone with christmas hats on (my dad didn't know that) -and made a christmas card with all these pictures to him. On the card I wrote that we all took the christmas hats on -just for him, just so he also could feel that it is christmas!

He should first see the card on christmas eve. (dec. 24) -which he also did. And my mom who spoke with him on the telephone this day, told me that he was very surprised about his card -and that he was very happy with it!

In the upper left corner, there is a photo of my dad and also small pics of the card I made for him, with all the big pictures you see on the two pages.

I nearly forgot to tell you about one of the pics! My brother is on the photo with one of my sleeping cousins! My cousin got a little "tired" -so I could'nt take a photo of him with a christmas hat on! Well, actually he got SO drunk! He rarely drink, but this day he did, and the results was, that he became very sick...and slept most of the evening away! ;o)