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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

My DGC, Katie and Adam. My daughter took these pics of the children with just a simple 35mm point and shoot camera...amazing! The tag reads: "Oh, to be a child again!". Journaling is tucked behind the scalloped mat behind the pics.....and reads:

I hope each step you take in life is measured and sure. That’s not to say you should never take chances…a certain amount of risk is what makes life interesting. What it does mean is….I hope that you learn to give serious thought to the decisions you make and learn to evaluate both the good and the bad consequences that could result from your decisions. Decision-making is a difficult concept to explain to you at your age, but I hope and pray that as you get older, you will understand the value of a well-thought out decision. Your journey through life will be guided by the choices you make….may they always be good ones!