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This is a letter my mom wrote a few days before I was born, it just tells her feelings and excitments to have me arrive. Her letter reads: The doctor told me today it shouldn't be that much longer - 2 or 3 days at the most. I'm excited, I can't wait to see what our baby looks like (he or she?) to know its okay and to hold it in my arms and love it. I'm kind of sad too- to think in a matter of days it'll all be over. After feeling it move around inside of me all this time- growing, kicking. And when it got lopsided being able to rub that side and watch an arm or a leg move across my stomach and respond to me. It's sad because I've loved every kick, every movement. Soon that life will be outside of me and I'm sure that will be just as wonderful and new, as having and experiencing the growth of life inside me. I don't know what to expect - being a mother - I know I love it a lot already and I think that's what it mostly takes- a lot of love. So now I'm looking forward to watching our baby grow outside of me. Kimberly Denise or Brian Scott? Soon life will change. A new life will be brought into ours. To love, and care for as much as we love and care for one another. you- a father me- a mother And still we will remain lovers. We may even love each other more. After our baby- created by our love is born.