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Give a Cheer
Give a Cheer

I recently read an article about the size of our eyes when we are a child remain the same throughout our lives and itís only the size of the eye lids and surrounding eye area that grow until weíre adults. That stirred up some investigation on my part, and I set out to look at old photos of my eyes. When I saw this weeks sketch with those empty rectangular shapes, I immediately thought about those pictures I used to test the theory and that eye article. So here it is a page of Eyes. Iím not too certain that that article is based off of any conclusive facts, but it was rather interesting. And, even if it was based off of some fact, donít you know there would be another article refuting it in the very near future? LOL.

The white space in the sketch also called out to me to be creative and create my own background using a stencil, light molding paste, mists and a stamp.

There's a close up picture of the background on my blog if you care to see it.

Thanks for looking.