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We were very surprised to find that Herman's Hermits were putting on a concert at Epcot. We each got a Coke and sat on bleachers because tables were full. We noticed other people sitting there and asked them what was going on. We were very surprised to learn that Herman's Hermits would be appearing in about 30 minutes! Perfect timing and we had excellent seats. We loved Herman's Hermits in high school and when we were dating!

Afterwards we waited near the stage door in hopes of getting a picture with him. After about ten minutes a guy came out and a pretty woman in a purple dress and a child about 10 years old joined him. Bill didn't look twice but I said to him, 'you know, on stage Peter Noone (Herman) had floppy blond hair. He is 63 years old - no way he has a full head of floppy blond hair - it would be gray or he would be bald. See that man with short curlyish gray who just walked out of the stage door and walked over to that woman? That's him. Look at his eyes."

BIll looked at him for a minute and then laughed and said there was no mistake, he had taken off the wig and put on street clothes and he completely blended. No one would have recognized him. I didn't bother him for pictures at that point - he was with his family.

I wanted the layout to look like an old teen magazine with stars all over it and I think I accomplished it.