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Give a Cheer

Beautiful handcrafted dreamcatchers are a sight to behold. Now you can create your own Dreamcatcher Earrings with the help of the Sizzix DecoEtch Tulip Garden Die by Vintaj. Follow the directions below and dream on!
Emboss two Vintaj Artisan Copper Metal blanks using the Tulip Garden DecoEtch die. Use a paint brush to apply Onyx Vintaj Patina to the blank and use a paper towel to remove the paint while it is still wet, leaving it only in the impressions to accentuate the design. Buff with the Metal Reliefing block to highlight the raised designs. Layer and combine the etched blank, a Grand Kaleidoscope Filigree, a closed Creative Hoop and a French Ear Wire to a jump ring to form an earring. Repeat on other side. Dangle small lengths of Fine Ornate Chain, Delicate Curb Chain and linked bead elements to create a cascading chandelier effect from the Kaleidoscope Filigree. If desired, Vintaj Glaze can be used as a sealer for natural metals to prevent oxidation. It is fast-drying, durable and permanent with a satin finish.