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Give a Cheer
Give a Cheer

I bought this SMASH book when I was still pregnant with my son, knowing I wanted to keep a memory/scrap book of the little momentos we got during my pregnancy and after the baby arrived. I'm glad I did! I brought it to the hospital in my overnight bag and kept it on my tray table so I could add things as I got them. Of course, it's taken me five months to actually put it together, but better late than never! :o)
I skipped pages 2-3 as I need to find something I want to add before posting. I kept all of our hospital bracelets to add to the book. Journalling talks about how DH and I both had bracelets and had to verify with the nursary that our numbers matched the numbers on Carlo's bracelet before we could take him to our room. It also talks about how they say 'Boy' instead of his name because it took us 2 days in the hospital to finally decide on his name. And I also mentioned the 'Baby Lowjack' monitor that he wore on his ankle (which of course I didn't get to keep after we left) that tracked where he was in the hospital and would have set off a zillion alarms if we'd taken him past the post-partum ward with it on. The photos are some of our favorites from our time in the hospital.