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Just a quick page to capture a game I often play with DD, TFL!

Journaling reads:

Even though you’re not afraid to get messy (as most pictures will indicate thus far!), you are still a girl at heart. You like to put on your hat, grab your shades, hop on the bike, and say “bye-bye mama”.

When I ask where you are off to this time, it is almost always “to the store.” Now, this strikes me as odd each & every time as you have come to truly dislike going to stores & make it well known to most anyone within a 200 foot radius. Of course, my curiosity still gets the best of me, and I put forth my obligatory next question “I hope you have fun shopping, what store are you going to Katy?”

Now, I know ahead of time that there are only two stores that exist in your mind & I just have to wait to see which one is the pick of the day. Will it be “the shoe store” or will it be “Target” (pronounced “Har-jay” in an attempt to mimic my European pronunciation of this oh-not-so-fancy store “Tar-zjay”). I imagine that soon enough the third option will become “the toy store”, but it will still be a cute game that we both love to play!

September 2005