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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

For the Scraptathlon Week 3 challenge:
Sometimes, there just isn't a word to say what you want to say, so we INVENT words (many of which may appear in the ever-evolving dictionary at some point).

If I'd Found The Right Words To Say - I'd be able to complete a LO featuring my invented word, words or phrase or adopted invented word - (Hey, if Al Gore can take credit for inventing the Internet, you can certainly take credit for the word "snerk" or "insert your word here").

Like "bra-kini" for example. The only restriction is that your word or phrase MUST be the title of your LO.

This is a layout about a word that my best friend and I use all of the time! We use the word "Frap" instead of any kind of swear word. I have the "definition" (made up) on the page: "FRAP [frap] n. v. adj. -a word meant to be used in place of any swear or cuss word when children are present. -other derivatives: frapper, friggity frap, frappity frap, holy frap, or use in any form to vent your emotions at the present moment." Thanks for looking!