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My Youngest with her clever Sneaky Chocolate Plan
Journaling Reads:
Chocolate Powder Plan January 5, 2010
As we lay on the carpet in the middle of the living room, spread out was a few coloring books and a big box of crayons. Mommy and Jaidyn colored pages from a Christmas coloring book. After a short moment, mommy was left all alone to color. Mommy was enjoying coloring and wanted to finish her page. Jaidyn was no longer in the living room. It was to quiet for the normalcy in our home. After awhile I call out… “Jaidyn, what are you doing.” Immediately in response Jaidyn responds, “Nothing, I am not doing nothing.” It continued to be very quiet. I knowing that she must be up to something but, I continued to color on my coloring page. Jaidyn, all of a sudden came out of her way to come into view to tell me again that she was not doing anything. “Mom, I am not doing nothing.” Now, knowing that for a fact my daughter was into something and the fact that she went out of her way to convince me that she was not doing anything made it a fact she was doing something. Jaidyn had left again and then returned shortly after. I looked up and could not hold back a smile. All around her sweet little lips, covering the outside of her mouth, and on her small little chin was chocolate. Brown, dark, sticky chocolate! I asked again what she was doing and then I told her “I will show you what you were doing Jaidyn.” I then went and retrieved my camera and started snapping these cute, sweet, messy, pictures. I then attempted to show her these pictures from my camera. She then admitted that she had got into the chocolate milk powder. You sneaky little chocolate lover, how I love how you think things out, the way you think, your cleverness, smartness, the idea for you to go out of your way to actually come into view to tell me your not doing nothing and then going about your business is incredibly smart on your end. I see you thinking that if you come into view to assure me things are okay then just maybe mommy won’t check on you because you know mommy already seen that you were okay. Thinking and acting on your clever sneaky chocolate plan. I see how clever, smart, cute, and still adorably sweet even with all that chocolaty mess all over. January 5, 2010
Cardstock: Brazill
Pattern Paper: American Craft Collection
Font: Tmes