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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I've had some questions about how I made this and shall try to explain. First fold black cardstock and one one of the long sides score down the center more than half way down and fold each side to make the flaps of the jacket. Then I did the same with a piece of white paper except that it is a litle bit smaller than the black one and not scored as far, that is the shirt. Then take a piece of ribbon and make a tie knot on it and cut so that you have two short ends "around the neck" and the tie. Glue the ends under the collar and I found it was also best to glue the end of the tie down so that it would stay put. Now glue the shirt to the jacket on the inside of the card. Personally I either covered the back of the shirt with a black piece of paper or glued an envelope to the back to put money in (made these as confirmation cards for boys and it is popular to give money). For the shirt pocket cut out a small piece of black paper, fold a small piece of ribbon and glue it to the back of the small piece of paper and glue both on the front of the jacket. Add a button and decorations as you like. Hope this helps :-)