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Give a Cheer
Give a Cheer

Lots going on here.
First off, I teach a class at the Women's Wellness retreat every spring and fall (check it out, www.audubon-center.org) and this spring, I wanted to do a colorful paper bag book. This class needs to be easy enough for beginner scrappers, as well as advanced, to do in two hours time.
I always make the project first, and hadn't started it as of yesterday morning.
Then, I got a phone call from my friend Kelly. She has inflammatory breast cancer. Her Dr's gave her a survival time of three years. Kelly had a 10 cm, flat, pancake shaped mass behind her breasts. She had chemo (which did not work), a double mastectomy, hysterectomy and overectomy, as well as lymph node removal in one surgery. Then went on for intense radiation, twice a day for 6 weeks. Then, she went on to live her life. So, when last January came and went (3 years later) and she was still her, healthy and going strong, she realized that she was reborn on that day. Dr's couldn't understand why she was still here (if you know Kelly, you know why she is!!) as the grade of cancer that she had spoke otherwise.
At any rate, she called me yesterday morning to tell me of her desire and plans to go on a 50 state road trip, in 50 weeks with her family, making family memories, increasing awareness about IBC. She is determined to figure out how to do this, and knowing her, I KNOW that she will! As I talked to her for two hours on the phone, STUNNED of her plans and her passion, this is what I created for the Audubon Center of the North Woods class................"New Beginnings" just seemed fitting. Spring, Kelly's knowing future, beauty............so this is for Kelly. :) Thanks for looking.

If you don't know about INFLAMMATORY BREAST CANCER, Google it, and educate yourself. It's the rarest, most aggressive form of breast cancer, and is very hard to detect.