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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

A continuation of my "A Day in our Life" series. Month #3 of it, and so far, so good.

6:20am – wake up, computer time while feeding (Facebook/FrontierVille,, bloglines)
7:30am – diaper change & both of us get dressed for the day
8am – play on the floor, dance and sing songs
8:30am – Facebook status update: “is grateful Joey didn't wake up at all last night...but I'm still dragging my rear”.
9:20am – read Bones while feeding
10am – Joey plays with his puppy blanket while I have breakfast (bagel w/ cream cheese)
10:30-11:30pm – diaper change then Target
12pm – feed
12:30pm – nap for Joey while I finish baby albums
1pm – lunch (homemade eggplant parmesan) & ready photos/albums for mailing
1:45pm – contend with Harry's Paypal account issues
2pm – watch Covert Affairs, email Harry, snack (grapes)
2:15pm – check mail, Joey starts crying, diaper change and feed
3pm – tummy time
3:15pm – diaper change, impromptu laundry, playing in bouncy chair with music/lights gym & feet
3:50pm – update Facebook status: “I think my kid just discovered his feet. He keeps staring at them while he moves them and has been reaching for his ankles...”
4:15pm – read Monster Pet to Joey
4:30-4:45pm – outside play time
4:45pm – diaper change & feed
5:15pm – play time on the floor, dinner (salad)
6pm – I make pizza dough and then it into pepperoni bread
6:30pm – diaper change
6:50pm – Facebook status update: “my child is AWESOME. He allowed me, without interruption, to make pizza dough and then, subsequently, turn that dough into pepperoni bread. Score!”
7:10 – feed
8pm – cuddle time, peek-a-boo, snack (Pepperoni Bread)
8:30pm – bath time
9pm – sing, rock, feed to sleep
9:45pm – Joey's asleep, Em & I make arrangements for tomorrow's pool day
10pm – watch Covert Affairs, clean up from bath time, fold laundry, FrontierVille, scrapbook, read blogs & post to own blog, play on the internet