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Program: PSE3.0
Kit: Royanna Fritschmann Tuscan Village Collection – Terracotta Tiles

Journaling reads: The babes sure knew how to be the center of attention. They had the whole family at their
disposal, and they adored being the center of attention. Joey & Lillian invented games for
them, from peek-a-boo to “wrap a baby in a blanket and carry her around the house” games.
One night Lillian set the babes up on the floor of her room with blankets and their puppies,
gave them bottles and started to read to them, just as she used to do with all her dolls &
stuffed animals. She also started giving them piggyback rides, much to their delight.
And as far as the babes were concerned, they were offended every day when their dad went
off to work without them. They cried as he left and ran over to the window to watch him
drive away. We were so glad for the happy presence Sarah & Allison were in our home.