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OK - so this layout turned out a bit “bland” - not at all like it looked in my head (which was SPECTACULAR by the way ;). The colors just look kind of blah I guess. And the picture isn't the greatest or even close to it but it was the best we could get with a cheap digital camera set on a timer, a crying toddler who just wanted to be let down to play and a husband whose not even looking at the camera! But, for some reason I still like it - maybe becasue of the way DH is looking at us and not the camera. Bazzill, MM rubons and tag, Canson photo corners and Last Words font. <br><br>Journaling reads: My third Mother’s Day (well, second since Jake was born but third since conception!). Our last Mother’s Day as a party of 3…sliding headlong into a party of 4. Together, we apprehensively count down these last few months of threedom. The comfortable coziness that is the natural progression from a couple to a couple with a small baby is slowly ending. Soon, chaos will ensue as we welcome our new baby boy. The terrible twos (which set in with Jake long ago…long before the “magic” second birthday) will be amplified by a thousand when combined with the shrill wails of a colicky newborn. I’m terrified and anxious but mostly just honored to be a part of this family. <p>.