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Life Lessons by Taylormade Designs

Journaling: "#11 Don’t Judge Me Because I Sin Differently Than
“This topic of judging others could actually be
taught in a two-word sermon. When it comes to hating,
gossiping, ignoring, ridiculing, holding grudges, or
wanting to cause harm, please apply the following:
Stop it!
It’s that simple. We simply have to stop judging
others and replace judgmental thoughts and feelings
with a heart full of love for God and His children. God
is our Father. We are His children. We are all brothers and
We must recognize that we are all imperfect—that we are beggars before God. Haven’t we all, at one time or another, meekly approached the mercy seat and pleaded for grace? Haven’t we wished with all the energy of our souls for mercy—to be forgiven for the mistakes we have made and the sins we have committed?
Because we all depend on the mercy of God, how can we deny to others any measure of the grace we so desperately desire for ourselves? My beloved brothers and sisters, should we not forgive as we wish to be forgiven? . . . Of course.”
-Dieter F. Uchdorf"