Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Our daughter, Jacqui, who is only 8 heard me telling my husband that there are a few challenges on

Without telling us anything she worked hard this week, creating different drawings and asked me to enter them in one of the challenges and I believe this one would best fit her entries.

I know that like any other parents, we may come across as bias, but look at her drawings. She has the same drawing style as Modigliani when it comes to the long necks of the subject drawn. The difference is that her drawings don't have a price tag of $150M. At least not yet :-) Also, the clothes follow the model's movement and we believe that is quite an extraordinary attention to detail for a 8 year old.

In the last picture she used post-its and a pink marker to create the flower picture. I even asked her how she managed to keep the straight line and she said "Oh, that was easy, I used the post-its to help with the straight lines" Have you ever thought of using post-its as part of your project for anything else besides masking when stamping? I know I didn't :-)