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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Journaling reads: At six years old, Molly, our Jack Russell Terrier, was still very much a puppy. She was a ball of energy and curiosity. She could jump straight up in the air and kiss my nose. She was fearless and independent. In her later years, she was the smallest of our five dogs and was the undeniable leader of the pack. But, she had her sweet side too. When she wanted to take a rest, she would cuddle up in my chair with me. Here, we are trying to have a cuddle, but something on the ceiling has caught her attention probably a fly. As always, she was being a curious puppy! September 2000

I used a variety of stamps and inks first and the added the photo and the triangle shape at the top. The I added 3 tags at the bottom. The sunflowers on the tag was drawn off with a stencil and then I colored it in. The little "Molly" dog at the bottom was my own creation - I started with a Scottie stencil, then adjusted it to look more like a Jack Russell. Handcut it, inked with black around the edges and then colored in the spots with black and brown and added a red collar with pen. Lastly, I added the title, which is made with sticker letters from three collections. Thanks so much for stopping by :)