Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Believe it or not it took me 3 tries to make this card. On the first, after I had the colors blended to how I liked it, I used the embossing folder, but I had the wrong side up, it was pitched into the garbage
On the second, after all of the colors were used to my satisfaction, I used glue to stick down the poodle skirt. When dry it all buckled
I was mortified! After all this work it seemed that I would have to tear it apart and start again!
I called 1/3 of my mentors that are on call 24/7 365 asking for help!!
She told me when using glue to adhere like I did it would always buckle. I was like NNNNOHHH, yup
I had a huge decision to make, tear it totally apart and start again
Or try to remove the top part carefully and not ruin it
5x7 white cardstock
Black layer
On this top piece I used 5 different alcohol ink colors blended in opposite corners started with the deepest red into a yellow color
Embossing folder
Glue dots, I used many dots for this card
3 Strips of scrap metallic pink paper
2 strip embellishments
Several clear gems placed around on card
Martha Stewart paper cutter found in my long ago found items from last century
Bearly Art Glue
Poodle Skirt was in a pack of stationary with envelopes. I had gotten from my sister in the last century plus 3 decades ago
Sentiment taken from embellishment book from last century
Wow, thank you to everyone who read to the end of this description!