Pretty Delta5's Reviews

  • Great!!!!!!!! (18 September 2007)

    I love this template!! It is wonderful when you make a handmade card and are able to make a matching envelope! It just gives it the extra punch! This is so easy to use and the sizes are great you can line up the box in the middle with which envelope you want. The small one is wonderful for gift tags! It is very durable also!!

  • Always (18 September 2007)

    OK So I almost always use flowers on my pages and cards. This flower is so easy to use! The big handle helps when you want to do a bunch of them your hand does not get hurt, like some of the others. I also really enjoy this punch because of the big circle in the middle which is great for adding a brad, sticker, or another flower! Love this product!!

  • Verified Buyer

    Great addition (17 September 2007)

    These brads are great, the shape is just different enough to make them stand out. I love princess cut diamonds anyway, so this is a no brainer. They look real because of the slight ridges on the out side of the brad. They really sparkle in the light! I use them in the center of flowers, or just anywhere!

  • Too cute (17 September 2007)

    These flowers are so wonderful. I use the often, and the are very ligt so they don't put too much bulk on the page. They also look great doubled or with smaller flowers. They color is just as it looks on the computer screen. The color looks great with all other colored patterend paper! They are just perfect. Enjoy them, I do!

  • Daily (17 September 2007)

    I use these everyday when I scrapbook. I have found that inking makes every page look wonderful. I love the chalk because it has a slight dusty look and looks like it has been kissed by dust of color. I also love the shape of the cat eyes, it really helps in the corners and makes it possible for you to get into all of the small spaces. The stylus helps in technique, and with making it just right.

  • I've been looking for this (28 September 2007)

    I was at a crop and needed black flowers and you don't realize how hard it is to find them. People don't think of black flowers to often, but I am so glad Queen and Company did! These flowers are the perfect addition to any page, they are slightly raised and give a great depth to your page. They are easy to position and with a little adhesive they stay in place. They also cut easliy, so you can use just use one or more. Enjoy these flowers they are great!