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    Best die-cut spatula (08 April 2010)

    I love the Slice Spatula. In my opinion, it's the best die-cut spatula on the market. The thin, tapered and pointed edge makes getting the tool under your die-cut a snap. Other die-cut spatulas and removal tools sometimes bend or tear my die-cut shapes and alphas, but not this one! Also, the size, shape, and rubberized handle fit my hand well, and no slipping when I use it.

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    Grungeboard - the ULTIMATE chipboard! (20 December 2007)

    I'm a chipboard junkie. I use it on just about every layout and project I make. I love the versatility of it, but always hated how careful I had to be not to bend or break it, especially when dealing with letters and other elements with easily breakable parts.

    Then along came Grungeboard. When I purchased my order of Grungeboard, I bought it mainly for the texture. But that's only half the awesomeness of Grungeboard. It's PLIABLE! You can bend this stuff back and forth like a circus acrobat and it springs back, time after time.

    The creative possibilities are endless with Grungeboard. Paint it, sand it, ink it, paper it, glue it, distress it - it can take it! And the wonderful textures offer a whole new avenue of distressing possibilities. I've had as much fun experimenting with Grungeboard as I have actually making page elements!

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    Great space-saving paint storage (08 April 2010)

    Before I purchased the Cropper Hopper table top wire shelves, I stored my paint in plastic totes, which took up a lot of room in my scrap space. On top of that, finding my paint meant I had to go through pulling out, opening and closing the totes, and then go through all of that again when I was done with my project. No more! The Cropper Hopper table top paint holders sit on my scrap table where I can reach them, without taking up much room. I have two of them, and because of their taller and thin design, the amount of space they take up is negligible. Each rack holds 24 bottles of paint (or dabbers, glue, glitter, etc) so I was able to color-organize all my paint bottles, making them so easy to find. The only thing I wish they would have done was add more wires to the back, so that smaller bottles would fit without falling through.