Loriglen's Reviews

  • It's not JUST an embossing system (03 September 2008)

    What I like about my ShapeBoss is that I can use it to do some really deep embellishing with nice crisp edges, but I can also use the templates as true stencils....just trace the design and cut it out. I use them as embellishments. Some of the designs are a bit too tedious to try to hand cut, but most of them work great (like flourishes for example.)

  • Don't Scrap Without It! (03 September 2008)

    This is one of those "must have" tools. Not only is it invaluable for finding the center of an item, but it's incredibly handy for placing individual letter stickers...just line them up on the edge of the ruler and your word is perfectly spaced, perfectly even, and perfectly centered. It's flexibility allows you to use it on a round item (try that with a standard wooden ruler!), and it's transparent enough so that there's no guessing, no matter what color paper you're using. I don't scrap without it!