PegScraps's Reviews

  • My daughter loves this set. (09 April 2008)

    When I make cards with my daughter she's always using this set for hers. They are very cute. The cuttlebug dies are made very well.

  • A Great Set of Sliders (09 April 2008)

    These are really cute on a LO! I love to use them for adding journaling or titles to my pages. A good set to have in your die cut collection.

  • A Very Versitile Set (09 April 2008)

    This is one of the first sets I got for my Cuttlebug. It's extremely versitile and can adapt for a variety of pages. I don't think I've ever used the stem or leaf part of the die but I do use it often!

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    THE BEST diecutter on the market! (09 April 2008)

    I have other die cut machines, but this is my favorite. My favorite part is that you can use ANY company's die in this machine! Quickutz, sizzix, elison! I love looking for clearanced dies to pick up and use on my bug. It's super easy to use, my kids love to make dies for me!

  • I didn't think I really needed it.... (09 April 2008)

    I thought using my little scraps of sand paper was good enough, but got one of these sets on a whim and I'm in LOVE! The files are different sizes and shapes and are just fabulous to use!!!!! You will love it!!!

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    My favorite organizer! (27 December 2007)

    I love my lazy letters organizer! I was tired of having little boxes and jars of chipboard and acrylic letters all over so I started looking for something to organize them all in one place. I went to home improvement stores and looked at the tool drawers, but none had enough drawers that were the right size. So I broke down and ordered my lazy letters and I've been a happy scrapper since! It's completely portable and holds a LOT! I definitely recommend it for the person who wants to get the most use from their letter stash.

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    Great selection. (12 September 2007)

    This is a great selection of ribbon. They go together nicely and there is plenty on each roll for your projects. Good quality ribbon too.

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    Love to emblish? (12 September 2007)

    I love emblishements and these brads are awesome. I have found none like them. They are extremely detailed. Excellent quality.

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    Beautiful! (12 September 2007)

    The blue color on the cover of this ink pad doesn't do the acutal color justice. It's absolutely beautiful. I love these inks.

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    I love to organize! (12 September 2007)

    These paper storage holders are awesome and very very sturdy. I haul mine to crops and back and have no problems. They are an excellent way to store your paper and see what you have without having to dig thru a drawer or box.

  • Love to organize? (12 September 2007)

    I had to get more dividers because I love to organize and I find that I use my paper better if I have organized it to specifics. I love that I have whole sections for all the holiday paper and themes like school, boy, girl and travel! These dividers are great and stand out nicely over the top of your 12x12 paper.

  • These are so much fun! (12 September 2007)

    I love these page protectors because they are so much fun to add to my albums. I use post bound albums too and they fit with no problem.

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    Best Trimmer Around (12 September 2007)

    I love my cutterpede. I used to have a fiskers trimmer and hated the way if you pushed too hard when you slid the blade down it would make a wavy cut on your paper. Never a problem with this trimmer.

  • Don't forget to change your mat! (12 September 2007)

    I love my cutterpede and these mats are the key to continual great cutting! I don't have a clue how many cuts a mat lasts, but it lasts a long time and you can cut on 4 edges of this mat before you chuck it out so it's a great deal.

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    The nicest sissors I have! (12 September 2007)

    I love these little guys. EXTREMELY sharp! Great to trim edges or little things because the points get right down in there.

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    The best dispenser around! (12 September 2007)

    I love my vario tab dispenser. I love the fact that I just roll it and the tabs come off without any extra work by me. I also love that the refills are inexpensive. A couple of these is all it takes to hold a photo to a page too! Very strong. I even use it to hold down heavy things with no problem.

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    For the doodling challenged (12 September 2007)

    I love these stamps. I can't doodle worth beans, but these stamps give my pages the look I like without doodling by hand. Great quality. Super Super Super easy to use because they are clear and that's important because you want to know exactly where you're placing these!

  • Elegant (12 September 2007)

    This stamp is so elegant and I just love it. Perfect size to send a big Happy Birthday wish on a card and it won't be too small for a LO. Heidi Swapps stamps are great quality and easy to use because they are clear.

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    Perfect for everything. (12 September 2007)

    I originally got this stamp to use on my LO's but quickly realized how perfect it was for making cards. Heidi's stamps are great quality clear stamps so they are super easy to use.

  • Love IT! (12 September 2007)

    Another Heidi Swapp stamp that is easy to use because it's clear and even easier to store because it's flat! You will definitely ENJOY this one!

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    SOOO Cute (12 September 2007)

    I just think this is the cutest stamp! Heidi Swapp's stamps are great quality and of course super easy to use since they are clear.

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    Just Beautiful (12 September 2007)

    This is a great quality stamp from Heidi Swapp. I've used it on LO's and making cards so it's extremely versitle. I love the size because it doesn't get lost on my page. Of course it's super easy because it's a clear stamp.

  • A great tote for on the go or at home. (12 September 2007)

    I love my little tote-ally Cool tote. My favorite part is that it's deep so I can stick my paper trimmer and rulers in the middle pocket and the tote doesn't fall over! It's got tons of pockets all over for your cropadile, tweezers, paper piercer, pens, sissors. Very handy and super cute too!

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    No more banging here! (12 September 2007)

    I thought a long time before getting my cropadile and the only reason I hesitated was because I was concerned that it didn't reach far enough on the paper. Well, with careful planning this has not been the issue EVER for me and I use it a lot! I'll keep my old school hammer and eyelet setter for the rare time I might want a hole and eyelet in the middle of a big piece of paper. I love this tool! My 6 year old can even use it!

  • You gotta have one! (12 September 2007)

    I know I say it a lot, but you just gotta have one of these guys. It will change the way you scrapbook! You can stick "fat" items thru it, like chipboard, buttons and rope! I love to use it on jute!

  • Definitely another Must have. (12 September 2007)

    It is extremely easy to use and will even take "fat" items like chipboard and buttons! The refills are expensive, but last quite a while I think.

  • Definitely a must have! (12 September 2007)

    I love this piercer! It's sharp so it gets the job done. Nice grip too so it's super easy to hold.

  • Great Small Stapler (12 September 2007)

    It's small so if you have giant hands it might not be easy for you to use. I love to take this to the crops because it takes the least amount of room! It has a little metal tab on the back and hole in it so I attached a piece of ribbon and it hangs on a hook in my scrap room - always in reach and super easy to find!

  • Doodlecharms best Non-font cartridge (12 September 2007)

    When I got my cricut I thought I would only by font cartridges because that's what I orignally bought my cricut make titles, etc. I used this cartridge at a friends and just had to have it myself. Besides having a couple designs for every holiday, each die is a multi cut, meaning you make 2 cuts from different paper to give it a very professional look! The Easter bunny has a nose that is cut separately. The baby face has a curly piece of hair and a bow cut separately. I think my favorite is the backpack die's so darling! If that wasn't enough, the Creative Features can put any of the die cuts on a card, or tag or charm or make a border of them with 3 connected to one well as the standard creative features of shadow and blackout shadow.

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    It's what you have been wanting! (12 September 2007)

    My cricut has lived up to all my expectations and more. I love that it does all the work while I sit there and watch (or better yet, sort thru photos or pick paper). It is EXTREMELY easy to learn to use and you will be cutting in minutes from unpacking it! I was thrilled to see it would cut thin chipboard (cereal boxes) and vellum. It has so many great features like shadow and blackout shadow for letters that make it so easy to get lots of different looks from one cartridge.

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    It's a nice emblishment adder. (12 September 2007)

    I love the big fat staples, but agre with a previous review that it's difficult to know exactly where the staple is going to be placed. I like to put them on tags, but it's super hard to get it exact on a small item.

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    It does the job....but (12 September 2007)

    I read the other reviews....and yes it does seem a bit wimpy when you get it out of the packaging. I think that it does do the job it's intended to do, however, squashing the metal tags could probably be done with a rolling pin or a hammer if you didn't have this tool. All in all, it works fine and I love the tags it creates.

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    I'm a bit indefferent (09 April 2008)

    I really liked the idea behind these can use the whole strip or cut it up and use smaller strips or pieces. I decided to cut mine up into a smaller strip for a more natural look, it was a bit tough to get the backing off the adhesive because it kept wanting to stick to other parts. Also, I found it not as "puffy" as regular felt flowers and therefore, I don't think it had the impact on my page as other products. It's different so I would definitly use it again, because variety is spice.

  • Not sure what to think of this thing. (12 September 2007)

    It was cheap so I bought it. I tried to use it a couple times and found it just plan annoying to use because I kept tearing and wrinkling up my paper. I don't even use it anymore and stick to my little pieces of sandpaper.

  • Super Bummer (09 April 2008)

    Yes, they do puff up (some) on glossy non-porous surfaces, however, the majority of my writing surfaces are porous and it just absorbs the pen and it doesn't puff up. It's basically just another pen on porous surfaces. Also, the colors are EXTREMELY day-glo so I find myself using the white and black ones only. Just buying 2 pens would have made this a better purchase since I only use those two.