Robin72's Reviews

  • Add class to any project (15 September 2009)

    These work great on paper and chipboard. Used them on corners for album that was getting more use than I expected. There was a small learning curve in getting the correct bend on the corners, but wouldn't stop using them for just that reason. Look better in person too.

  • Classy items (15 September 2009)

    These really go great with my heritage photos. Just so easy to work with. Try them, you will not be sorry

  • Can't live without this one (06 September 2009)

    I just love my ATG gun. I am left handed and have no trouble using this item. There is a small learning curve to these items. However once you try them, you will end up with more than one like I did. (Yes even with the cost of the item, it is worth the price. ) I love the way you can remove extra tape by just rubbing it when you put the pages together. There are different tapes with different sticking strength. Great for paper to paper, and chipboard to paper. I now have 2 of them the 714 for the small detailed items and the 700 for 1/2 inch tape for the larger itemsl.

  • You need to learn how to use it. (23 January 2010)

    I really enjoy the Glossy Accents. You can use it alone to add a glossy apperance to your project. But what I use it for the most is as a glue. It drys in a couple of minutes. My downside is I use my fingers to wipe the tip off on the bottle and it then gets on the paper. I get shinny spots on the paper. You need to keep that in mind while using it. I also love it to add ribbon to paper and cards. A little goes a long way. Also try the matte finish to prevent the spots. Worth the money.

  • Big trimmer for larger cutting, not a detail cutter (06 September 2009)

    I love that this trimmer will cut multiple pages at same time. It works great for large cuts. However you cannot cut paper less than 2 inches with this cutter. You need the smaller Carl cutter for that.