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    Extra Costs (25 June 2010)

    I think that it does make really clean cuts, and has a wide rannge of sizes, but I found out the hard way that you need certain tools that arent incuded in with the actual machine. You need a spatula and for small cuts a certain type of adhesive. Its a great machine but you have to be ready to pay extra costs, such as for the tool kits or adhesives. So just keep in mind that the cricut is a great investment, BUT you do have to spend about an extra $40 about for the tools, adhesives etc.

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    I like it. (29 July 2012)

    I like this product, i think it is cute for summer photos.

  • The only reason why i am recomending... (29 June 2010)

    is becuase in order to use the cricut you actually have to have them around! they are messy, but this is a good deal.