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    Wonderful 3D technology to have developed these embossing folders! (30 September 2015)

    I am crazy about these new 3D embossing folders. I now have 6 of them, and I love all of the ones I have. There is one more set I want, and I will be sure to get them when they are back in stock. I certainly hope the manufacturers realized their mistake for not providing more for the consumers, who are excited about these new ways to give more dimension to our paper crafting! The basket weaves in these two are so beautiful, and I can see lots of potential for putting their impression on die cuts and backgrounds!

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    Great Depth and Dimension! (03 September 2015)

    This set is the first of the Next Level 3D Embossing Folders I have been able to get, and they are fantastic. However, I caution you who have other die-cutting machines....there are NO instructions on the "sandwich" for cutting. I wrote the company, and they referred me to Sizzix for information. So I wrote Sizzix, and they just told me to contact We R Memory Keepers. So I gave up and experimented on my own to determine the best layers. I had just killed my first Vagabond by accidentally putting to thick a "sandwich" in the machine, so I didn't want to do that again. I used the keys that come with the Vagabond now to figure it out. I suggest you do the same if you have one!

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    Help for Paper Engineers! (05 October 2012)

    This is one of the most versatile dies I have ever bought! I especially like to combine it with the Sizzix ZigZag pop up die. By trimming it close to the mechanism, you can mount it behind and on top of the circular shaped mechanism platform to make things pop up behind the main shape you wish to feature on the rounded area. So far, I have made a giant pumpkin face with twiggy arms jumping out from behind the pumpkin and bare craggy trees springing up from behind a tombstone. Cant wait to have some posts with banners on bakers twin pop up from behind a birthday cake or greeting! Great die, and now I want all the inserts that go with this base die!

  • Works with base tray!!! (04 September 2012)

    I was disappointed that I couldn't get the Pop 'n Cuts base die with the circle label insert, so I went on and ordered one of the pop up templates that will work in it when I can get it. I was absolutely tickled pink that it worked well with just the base tray from Tim Holtz! Fantastic. I made a great card with it, and will use it this way until the original base die is back in stock!

  • Too Small for All (23 March 2013)

    Like others reviewing this product, I was disappointed when my
    Sizzix embossing folders refused to go into all the slots. There were a few that were a little larger, and they would fit those, but most of my Sizzix folders are still in the basket I used to begin with. Cuttlebug, Lifestyle Crafts, and another off-brand fit, and I was able to fill it up, but it is also tight when trying to close it. I hope it doesn't cause the folders to warp.