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    Don't be afraid!! (02 April 2009)

    I am not an expert here, I have used two overlays in my life! But I have to tell you, it makes for the easiest layout ever. I printed up a big 8x10 picture, placed the overlay where it looked the best, mounted it on a big piece of plain cs in the right spot, attached the overlay with a few well-placed brads, and Voila! Done!

    The silly thing is that it took me 2 minutes to complete, but it was in my stash for 2 years... intimidating me with its utter coolness. You gotta get one for your favorite big picture!!

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    Genius!! (22 March 2009)

    Oh my goodness- genius!! These little plastic bits are super easy to install (read okispice's review for perfect instructions- the box is kind of complicated). And All of the Sudden, you have space in your album! Talk about a money saver. $5 for these extensions saves you $20 on a new album. Keep in mind that you can fit at least 3 albums worth of layouts in one, and you have an even bigger savings.

    So much better than posts and extensions... I STRONGLY recommend this product!!

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! (08 July 2008)

    It costs a bit more, but the quality is worth it! And since you don't have to use much to make your pages stick, it lasts longer than you think. Fabulous!! I hardly ever scrap with anything else.

    Paper, chippie, even lightweight metals... no problem!

  • LOVE (06 March 2008)

    This little tube of glue has helped me in so many ways. It is a high quality tacky glue with two sizes of dispensing in the same bottle. One side will give you a thin line of glue, while the other will let you slap on a whole bunch at a time.

    I have used it for paper, flowers, chippie, and fabric. Great with ribbon, excellent for heavier things like metals or wood. I have also used it in other craft projects- foam, balsa, puff balls, real life twigs, pasta, and tile pieces... i haven't found anything that this handy little glue won't hold.

    Bonus- a little goes a long way. This tube will last you quite a long time.

  • So stinkin' cute!!! (23 October 2007)

    You MUST get this pack!! It is so adorable. The colors are fab, and the chippie is awesome. Thisis one of my favorite collections so far!!

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    fabulous! (23 October 2007)

    i borrowed the swivelly knife and this fabulous oval template from a friend at a crop. After a bit of practice, I got comfortable with the blade, and made the best oval ever! This is a great product!

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    Loved it! (23 October 2007)

    Thank goodness I borrowed this contraption from my friend at a crop. I would never have thought of purchasing it for myself.

    It took some getting used to, but after a few minutes practicing on scratch paper, I was ready for my good cardstock. I loved that it was so easy to maneuver around the curves in the giant oval I used.

    Can't see how I lived without it. It is a fabulous tool for circles and ovals... highly recommended!

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    Such a nice toy! (29 July 2007)

    My x is never far from my hand. I use it mostly to apply adhesive to ribbon and small intricate things. I don't like how the adhesive webs in the corners of the empty spaces, but it is worth the trouble to clear it out. The adhesive itself is good quality and sticks nicely. I have had mine for over a year, and have not found a lout that needed re-gluing. BONUS: my little kids can use it too. They are 5 and 7, and their gluing talents are still catching up to their precious clumsy fingers. With this tool, they can get the tricky stuff glued down too!

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    great quality (29 July 2007)

    These gorgeous letters are really nice. Thick, almost hard, solid letters. Good color, not wishy washy! The trend seems to be to make chippie alphas self- adhesive, and I am glad to say that these are not. That sticky film never works anyway! These are just solid letters that are good sized: the "a" is about 1.25 inches tall and 1" wide. The "g" is 2.25" tall.

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    Fabulous paper! (26 July 2007)

    I love SEI products. The thing that is most delightful about this paper pack (aside from the velvet paper, which is so fabulous, it is hard to use!) is the gorgeous colors! Baby blue, pink, and yellow join the luscious red and merry green to brighten any festive pic. And all on thick, double sided cardstock. Can't be beat...

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    sharp, super pointy, and easy to use (26 July 2007)

    How much do I love these scissors?! They are so light and quick... I feel confidant cutting even the most delicate pieces. I turn to my tonic when I have lots of long cuts in thick cardstock, but my dear little cutter bee is here for my teensy alphabets that seed a precise cut. This scissor will do that even better than a blade. Very nice!

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    Can't live without them! (19 July 2007)

    I adore using these little magnets in my scrapbooking. They are tiny, practically paper thin, and hide very well under a slip of paper. Each one is labelled with a + or -, to help you with making a match. Lift off that little white label to reveal a so-so adhesive. If you are unsure of its strength in your project, pop a little dot of Tombo multi or some other strong adhesive. Be sure to experiment with the strength of the connection under the various layers you might be scrapping. I have used as many as three layers between the mates, and have never had an issue yet!
    What have I done"
    --- closures for little flaps to hide journalling or extra pictures
    --- popped them on a flower to make a "memory" game for a toddler. The flowers hide the picture! Toddler just lifts it off!
    --- made a little ribbon "belt" for a card


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    Wish I could give it more than 5 stars!! (05 July 2007)

    I lovelovelove this pen. I have purchased dozens of them over the last 2 years just so I could give them away to people who needed a good white pen. So glad that it is finally at this store. This is the perfect white pen- good ink flow, no skipping (until it is about to run out), nice solid line. Thin enough for doodling and writing. STRONGLY recommended!!

  • Fun!! (06 March 2008)

    I love this little frame. It is so versatile... I am planning on using one as a traditional picture frame, altering and decorating it like a scrapbook page for a gift. I am going to use the other one as a learning tool for my daughter. In the picture part, I will create a "dry erase" section for drawing pictures. She can use the extra space under that 4x6 area to manipulate magnets to spell out the word that matches the picture. Fun!

  • handy (06 March 2008)

    I love circles, so I thought this punch was a must have. It makes beautiful circles that are nice and big. It does take some effort to punch through card stock (as opposed to typing-weight paper) and will not punch chipboard sheets. I thought that the lever was kind of "mushy"... what I mean in that when I pushed it down, it felt like it was pushing on foam and not cutting, until the last possible moment when it finally cut through the paper with a satisfying pop. Occasionally, the paper would get trapped in the punch resulting in the need to tear it out of the feeding space. Annoying, but not all the time.

    one handy detail: the punch comes with a little plastic "lid" to catch the circles that you punch. I ended up taking it off because I was happy to let the papers fall onto my work service without the extra step of removing the "lid".

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    small, sharp, and sturdy (26 July 2007)

    These scissors are nice and comfrotable- the orange grips have a bit of give, so my fingers don't feel quite so tired. And while they are good for teeny cutting projects, I still turn to my cutterbee for the really delicate tiny cuts. The tonic is just ever so lightly more buky and requires a touch more pressure to make the cut. Not quite as sensitive as the cutterbee. Still, a great scissor that I could not do without!

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    Luscious and shimmery! (19 July 2007)

    The whole collection of Imaginisce flowers is delightful. The colors are rich and bright, and the texture is perfect for adding dimension to a page. Not only is the flower itself velvety soft and shimmery, but its petals are sort of stiff and rounded to make them stand up from the page. Brilliant marketing that this company hooked up with bazzill. It is nice that the colors coordinate. Makes it easier to buy online without seeing in real life!

  • good, but the little tabs are better (08 July 2008)

    These are great, but they do sometimes take a little bit of work. The tabs come off in such a way that the next one doesn't quite line up, so you have to negotiate with it a little bit.

    But the tabs are fabulous. Good size, and they stick great.

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    mixed review (08 July 2008)

    The adhesive itself is fabulous. Holds great! I have been using it for years, and it has not failed yet.

    However- the little machine drives me NUTS. The tape breaks a lot. And once it does, the whole roll is wasted because it is not re-fillable. I would say that at least one in three breaks. on me. And I am not that hard on it!

    They have started making a re-fillable one. I also have problems with that one not wrapping up correctly. I have owned two and both of them get all wonky about halfway through, rendering them practically unusable.

    Yes, the price is good for the quality of adhesive, but I personally find the problems with the contraptions so distracting that I will spend a little more on a 3L adhesive runner.

  • it's a shame! (06 March 2008)

    I love the font, the size, and the thickness of the chippie. However, the adhesive leaves a lot to be desired. Do not count on it to hold up to even the shortest test of time. Within a few days, the letters fall off the page with worthless stickiness.

    However, if you don't mind pretending that these are regular chippie with no adhesive on them, and then just add your own glue to the "adhesive backs" of these letters, then you will love the look of the font on your pages!

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    Good for posters (05 July 2007)

    Not for scrapping. go get the signo uniball instead!

  • bleh (06 March 2008)

    I was so disappointed with this pen. It is good for writing on glossy pics, I guess. But really, it isn't white enough, or thin enough, or opaque enough for anything really creative. It soaks into card stock leaving a milky line of blah. You are better off with the signo.

  • bleh (26 July 2007)

    The idea of having white fuzzies on my page was so appealing, that I bought this horrible product. To my dismay and frustration, I quickly discovered that the pressure needed to release this terrible product from its backing onto my layout was impossible to achieve. It warped my cardstock, and almost broke my popsicle stick. Total waste of money...

  • bleh (26 July 2007)

    The idea of having white fuzzies on my page was so appealing, that I bought this horrible product. To my dismay and frustration, I quickly discovered that the pressure needed to release this terrible product from its backing onto my layout was impossible to achieve. It warped my cardstock, and almost broke my popsicle stick. Total waste of money...