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    Versatile (05 November 2007)

    I absolutely love Queen & Co's new felt ribbons. They are self-adhesive so you don't have to worry about figuring out how to adhere is to you page. There are so many designs to choose from and they are all so adorable. You can use them as a border strip or can cut them apart to use them individually. I did that on a layout in my gallery and it turned out great!!! I was even able to place it onto Bazzill Cardstock and then remove to change positions. I would definitely give this product 5 stars!!!!

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    A Scrapbookers Must Have (25 October 2007)

    I just recently started using this product. I had never seen it used before, but I was very easy to figure out. I have used it to add shine to the patterns on my paper, to flowers, to buttons, to chipboard letters, and other embellishments. I have also used it for a strong adhesive. It works great. I did however try to use it on ribbon. DON'T. It just soaked it up and left a big stain. One tip - After each use the tip of mine gets a little clogged. I just use a safety pin to move the dried glaze out of the way. Hope this helped you.

    This glaze rocks!!!

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    Fantastic and easy to use. (25 September 2007)

    I really love the Heidi Swapp chipboard. They are so easily removed from the sheet and they are also self adhesive so you don't have to worry about them falling off of your page. I have used other brands, but so far this one sticks the best. You can also decorate them by sanding them, putting on gems, tying fibers or ribbon. The choices are endless.

    Thanks Heidi for such a strong and useable product. I love them!!!!

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    A Little Bit of Romance (01 August 2007)

    I really love the Blush line by Basic Grey. It has sort of a romantic flair to it and even a bit of vintage. Basic Grey always has amazine products. Their paper is always of the highest quality. Each of their lines also comes with matching embellishments such as fiber, ribbon, alphas, die cuts, and newly buttons. When you think of Basic Grey, you know you are going to get what you pay for.

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    The Best Trimmer (01 August 2007)

    When I first started scrapping, I always measured by drawing lines and then cutting with scissors. Seem Ancient!! Well, when I really got into scrapping, I bought one of these amazing cutters. The Cutterpede is so easy to use even for a lefty like me. It has an extendable ruler to help you measure that also folds to give you a perfect 6 inch cut. There are several different blades: cut, score, wave, perforator, etc... that are easilby slid on. The cutting mat is also easily replaced. Just pull it out and slide a new one in. I never thought cutting could be this easy. I love this one so much I have two!!!!

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    Perfect for any project!!! (24 July 2007)

    I use the Therm O Web Zips every time a scrapbook. They are definitely a must. I use them to adhere ribbon, flowers, buttons, metal, rhinestones, and anything else that can be a little tricky. I just cut the strips to fit what I am working with. There are also two lines of strips to work with at 24 feet each. The glue line is also thinner so as to not make things bulky when you put them in scrapbook.

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    What a great product!!! (24 July 2007)

    I really love the Herma Tab Dispenser. I started out using the mounting squares where you had to pull and place each individual square in its spot and then pull the little blue tag off. I am so thankful they came up with this product. It is less time consuming with the same result. Now I can just roll away. Also it is easy to refill, and each refill comes with instructions on the inside of the package. There is some variety of colors to choose from. I liked this product so much that I bought 3!!!!

  • High Quality and Easy to Use. (24 July 2007)

    I love the Doodlebug line especially the rick-rack. I have used it for all sorts of things tags, creating a sun, outlining, etc. I love that way that is packaged as well. It comes on a very sturdy piece of plastic that keeps it from raveling or becoming a mess. The plastic is also very slim so you are able to store it without taking up a lot of space. The variety is also nice. There are several colors available. Check them out here at

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    Easy to use. (23 July 2007)

    I never thought using clear stamps would be so easy. These are great. I love being able to see where I am stamping my image so there are no mistakes. Also on the packaging, there is an image so you know where each stamp is supposed to go. These were my second set of Autumn Leaves stamps, and I'm sure it will not be the last. I don't think I would ever buy another wood mounted stamp.

    Thanks Autumn Leaves.

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    Greatest Invention (23 July 2007)

    I love this Uni-ball white pen. It is absolutely great for journaling as well as doodling. I have also used it with my Chatterbox Doodle Geenie, and it works great even coloring in shapes. It really leaves an elegant finish. I like it better than the Sakura pens or regular gel pens because it has a continual flow of ink. It works wonders on any layout and you do not see any pen lines. It looks like paint.

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    Absolutely a Must (23 July 2007)

    These scissors are definitely the best thing since sliced bread. I would not be able to live without them. They are small and sharp which really helps when cutting especially small things out. I love the protective case and now I do not have to worry about anyone getting cut with them. All of my friends have a pair and they just love them. This is truly a great product and worth the money. And plus they are inexpensive.