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    Spray Case Storage (25 October 2016)

    Only the bottom drawers are tall enough for the spray inks. The 1st and 2nd rows are only tall enough for Stickles or smaller bottles. All the drawers should be the same height so you have more options on what to store. There are already nice storage cases for Stickles and I bought solely for the storage my spray inks. The shipping is is too expensive to return. I may try to sell at a Retreat I have coming up or maybe take it apart to adjust the height of the drawers. Plus there is no cover or strap to hold the drawers in if you tip the case. Just overall a bad design but the construction and material used for this case is very good.

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    3-Ring 12 x 12 Scrapbook Album (19 June 2012)

    I love the 3-ring albums for scrapbooking. So easy to load & unload pages especially when you scrap out of sequence and have to insert pages in the middle. Also, holds many more pages than the traditional album. Probably need 2-3 traditional albums to one 3-ring album. A little more bulky and not quite as attractive but sure works good. Maybe in a year or two when I am sure my book is complete I can transfer the pages into more attractive albums. Downside is they sell the exact same 3-ring binders for $19.99 at Michaels and when you have a 40 or 50% off coupon you can't beat it. Also, Michaels sells the pages 10 for $4.99. Again use a coupon and you save a lot. Sorry - will have to go to Michaels for these in the future.

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    Ribbon Ortganizer (19 December 2011)

    I cannot rate this as I purchased it for a Christmas Gift for myself and my daughter. Since they are both wrapped up & under the tree I don't know the verdict yet. They sure look great but will let you know after Christmas. Can only hope they are as great as the photo.