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    A Nice Concept . . . Needs a Little Tweaking (31 January 2013)

    WRMK had a great idea with this board. The sizing chart is great, they provide a sticker you can attach to the front for those of you using the metric system, and they include a nice pictorial guide to get you started.

    I've been aching to get my hands on this tool since it was debuted at CHA Winter 2013, so I gave it a thorough test run today. Here are my takes on it:

    * Score lines are easy to line up
    * Punching mechanism is very smooth
    * Cushioned pads under the board at all 4 corners and the center will keep it stationary on most surfaces
    * A huge assortment of envelope sizes to choose from (66 to be exact)
    * Affordable

    * The board is just too small to handle the larger sheets of paper. (Its small size makes it impossible to make a complete score line from end to end on larger papers.)
    * No receptacle under the punch to catch the paper clippings, so they end up on your table

    If you make a lot of smaller envelopes, this is definitely a tool you'll want to invest in. If larger envelopes are your forte, I would suggest that you wait for We R Memory Keepers to update this version and make it larger (and I sincerely hope they will). If this board could comfortably handle a 12 x 12 sheet of paper, I'd be singing its praises. But alas, WRMK has a bit more fine tuning to do before this tool becomes a must have.

  • A Well-Made Pair of Scissors . . . (03 July 2011)

    These scissors produce clean, crisp cuts every time. I keep a pair of them in each of my WRMK Sew Easy Storage cases to use on my flosses, and they always come away perfectly trimmed with no frayed edges or hanging pieces.

    And the fact that these scissors match the Sew Easy storage case is a nice bonus!

  • Another Homerun from WRMK! (03 July 2011)

    When I got my first set of Sew Easy piercing heads shortly after CHA Summer 2010, I was hoping that WRMK would add a storage system for them. Boy, did they ever! Now my Sew Easy tool, heads, needles, flosses, mat, and scissors are all neatly organized and stored away in this sturdy, cute case. (I have one case for my set of small heads and one for my large heads.) I can grab my tools at a moment's notice and take them anywhere!

    WRMK always has exceptional crafting tools and storage cases, and this Sew Easy Storage Case is no exception.

  • Wish I Had This A Long Time Ago! (03 July 2011)

    I can't overemphasize how much I love these tools. I find myself reaching for them daily and using them to add the finishing touches to my cards and LO's. And I've found that this oval shape is the perfect size to add some dimension and that little extra something to the front of a greeting card.

    If you choose to add this tool to your craft room, you'll understand why I'm so enamored with it!

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    An Awesome Crafting Tool (03 July 2011)

    I really like this line of embellishment tools from Epiphany Crafts. And this square shape is quickly becoming my new favorite! I can customize my embellies to any project at any time, and being able to do so will save me tons of money in the long run.

    I've already recommended these amazing tools to all of my crafting pals, and the ones who've purchased them are loving them as much as I do!

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    The Answer to a Persistant Storage Problem! (28 April 2010)

    This is exactly what I needed! I really didn't have an efficient method of storing my fingertip daubers before, and, as a result, I've wasted and/or lost a lot of them. This box puts an end to the waste and gives me the storage solution that I've been looking for. I've already purchased four of these and will buy more in the future as my ink pad and chalk palette collections continue to expand.

    Now, instead of having them all over the place in unsightly sandwich bags, all of my sponge daubers are labeled and stored alphabetically and by medium (two boxes for ink and two for chalk). Everything is neat and clean, and the diminutive size of the box makes it very easy to take my daubers with me to crops. And it's impossible for the box to open by accident because there are two snug, fail-safe sliding locks on it!

    A great product and an excellent value!

  • I Wish I Could Give It More Than 5 Stars! (10 April 2010)

    I am totally in love with the latest scrapbooking tool from WRMK. It's lightweight, but very sturdy and extremely well-made. Having the instructions for the tool printed directly on the surface is a major bonus in my book. Searching for irritating little manuals when you have a sudden case of absentmindedness is now a thing of the past!

    The wire binding hooks on the side are a most welcome convenience. Since it punches holes instead of rectangles, my papers and covers glide over the coils instead of dragging and getting caught. But I think what makes me happier than anything else is the fact that I can keep my books and creations completely flat while I'm "Cinching" the coils closed. (It drove me absolutely bonkers trying to hold things aloft during the coil closing step when I was using my BIA! My coils always ended up oddly-shaped.) It punches holes at 2:1, so I can use the wires I already have in my supplies from previously using the BIA. Yay! :)

    Though the Cinch is the rookie binding tool in the scrapbooking world, it has already proven itself to be far superior to its antiquated predecessors in every possible way. All of its great features combined with the punching power of a Crop-a-dile make this tool a must-have.

    I got rid of my Bind-it-all last night and will never, ever think about it again. The Cinch has erased it from my memory and I couldn't be happier!