Berylhhh's Reviews

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    elegant (02 August 2010)

    I just bought several templates and love this one the best. It is simply elegant. It is my favorite template. It works out very nice. I can use any writing utensil to make it look as fantastic as it looks. Thanks,

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    beautiful (02 August 2010)

    I love templates. This one is very elegant. I really like it and is simple to use with just about any writing utensil.

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    Fancy (02 August 2010)

    I have been wanting this doodling template for a long time. It is so easy to work with and I love it. It makes my scrapbook pages really stand out to be just beautiful.

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    cute as a button (02 July 2010)

    These little fabric flowers are the best. They make everything flow on the paper. It makes my mage elegent

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    nice paper (02 July 2010)

    I like the quality and the design of the paper. Would buy more.

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    Interesting (02 July 2010)

    They are different but a little expensive

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    makes the page pop out! (12 June 2010)

    What a wonderful product. I have used other glitter glues before and fiin this one to be the best. It really makes the page beautiful

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    beautiful and sweet (11 June 2010)

    Your Dear Spring Collection - Ribbon - Lively are so refreshing. It would be nice to have adhesive ribbons as well. Love the ribbons. Really puts a pizzaz on the scrapbook pages

  • Perfect title - Lovely is the word (05 June 2010)

    These are the most beautiful ribbons I have ever used. I wish they came in more colors Wow, do they pop. I got so many compliments on my scrapbook page. I even introduced these ribbons to a scrapbooking friend of mine. Like I said, please make more colors. Thank you for bringing them out.