Blissfulbrowser's Reviews

  • So Happy! (15 March 2012)

    It is so wonderful to have a web-site where I can purchase hard-to-locate products that either are in high demand or are being fazed out. I needed 15 sheets of this darling baby paper for a project and was able to score them all on From now on this will be the first place I will shop when I need something scrappy on-line. Thanks for the great packaging and swift delivery too!

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    Prima Cottage Blossoms 2 (22 June 2011)

    These are probably my favorite Prima flowers. So gorgeous and with the shades of pink, you have several options to choose from for the perfect color for your project. They are small enough to not overwhelm a card, but large enough to grace a 12 X 12 layout beautifully too.

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    Prima Cottage Flowers (22 June 2011)

    This sweet blossoms are beautiful and versatile with shades of color that offers the perfect option for enhancing your project. These are staples for me!

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    Prima Crystals 3 (22 June 2011)

    I love the design of this crystal because you have the option of using it whole for a dramatic effect; or you can cut it up, using each beautiful swirl on a number of projects. Love Prima!

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    Prima flowers Eminence (22 June 2011)

    Gorgeous! These flowers are neutral in color but unique in design and texture to stand out and enhance amny project.

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    Prima Crystals 2 (22 June 2011)

    Prima products are unique and so creative and these crystals are perfection.

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    Prima Cystals (22 June 2011)

    Prima never disappoints, and this product is beautiful.