Akbear's Reviews

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    Rich Colors !!! (03 May 2008)

    Even if your not a digi scrapper these PP are perfect to print and use on cards, LO's, and of course Digi Lo's. They are easy to use on a wide range of projects! Give them a try!!

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    Fantastic ! (10 February 2008)

    These stickers are chip board with sticky back they hold very well to paper no glue needed! But what i luv the most about them is they take acyric paints so well! easy to make them any color you need for your layouts! A must have IMO.

  • Great Chipboard Album! (01 October 2007)

    After finding out i luv to scrap 12x6 the search was on to find and album. Well i found this one and it comes with 8 boards 3 rings which is nice as you can make front and back covers plus 14 Lo's! easy to Alter and i like how thick the boards are and the re-enforced goments on front and back boards! A must Have IMO!

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    Perfect Size! (25 September 2007)

    luv the size and color's of these! perfect for title's plus you get #'s and more! A must have IMO!

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    Size is Perfect! (25 September 2007)

    What i really like about these CB Letters is the size! The shape & style is awesome , a medium and slim look make them perfect for tight spaces on a Title. The sticky back make them a snap to apply no mess or fuss LOL. A must have IMO

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    Awesome PP! (25 September 2007)

    I was not to sure about this line untill i used it the colors just mix so well with the more vibrant BG PP's! I really like the 6x6 size ! A must Have IMO!

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    Great Patterns! (25 September 2007)

    I just luv the rich and soft of this PP Line! The 6x6 pad is so handy when you just need a little piece or the full size for layering. The colors are so soft and bold at the same time just the right amount to make your cards and Lo's POP! A Must have IMO

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    Great Colors! (24 September 2007)

    This line is so bright ! the 6x6 make it a snap to use on LO's , Cards or tags Luv the vibrant patterns as well a must have IMO!

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    GREAT Product! (24 September 2007)

    The self sticking back made these a snap to use no need for extra glue like some others! just the perfect size for titles or accents a snap to apply what ever medium you choose.

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    Great Colors! (02 September 2007)

    Not to big and not to small these puchouts are perfect to titles and more . The colors are viberant and the patterns are awesome! they punch out easy and are a snap to glue into place.

  • Awesome! (28 August 2007)

    The clear coners are just perfect for titles and more! I like how they hold the ink and paints! a must have for Cards & LO's INMO!

  • White (24 August 2007)

    I really liked the dabber, it made using paint on a lo less scrary ! no mess no fuss! easy clean up off Stamps as well!