Sassyde's Reviews

  • Wonderful Tool (28 November 2017)

    I love Julie Nutting products. The dies and stamps are a great foundation for creating art dolls for all ages. I am always pleased with the results.

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    Love this Size (28 November 2017)

    I really love all the Zutter products, but this box and pages are easy on space and can hold a number of dies. Really great tool to have around.

  • Really Good Punch (28 November 2017)

    It does take practice to get the pieces in the right place to make the punched circle where you want it, but it does work. It is nice, clean circles each time.

  • I like it! (28 November 2017)

    Takes a little practice to get the position right, but it works and is easy to punch.

  • Best for Die Cuts (30 October 2017)

    I know that when I create a die cut I can ensure it will stay in place when it is backed with this glue sheet. I am very pleased with the results each and every time.

  • Easy to Use (30 October 2017)

    What I like best about this spoon is I can scoop just enough glitter to reduce the mess and the material doesn't fly all over my work space. the two sides allow for more or less glitter per application.

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    Wonderful Tool (30 October 2017)

    Blending foam is one of the best products when inking any project. The mini foams are great for cards and smaller areas. Works on paper and easy to color through stencils.

  • Clean Hands Everytime! (30 October 2017)

    This scrubby tool is not only easy to use, but is easy on your hands. I have been filling my fountain pens, a very messy job, and the ink has come off, each and every time!!

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    Love This Little Tool (30 October 2017)

    The Groove is so easy to use and I love all the pads. This one is so useful when adding color to the page as well as coloring stencils. The pads also last long enough for many applications.

  • Great Tool! (30 October 2017)

    This guide is so easy to use and works every time!

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    An Okay Purchase (02 November 2015)

    This die is cute, but not big enough since I am working with a primary school student and this die was just too small for him to use for his creations. I would have purchased a larger die, but none are available.

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    Work in Progress (09 June 2015)

    I love the ability to make bigger boxes and envelopes, but this tool needs the user to practice to get excellent results. Made some mistakes the first time around, but got better each time I used it.

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    Of No Use (28 May 2014)

    I didn't know the CAD III was discontinued and the base had no use for any other purpose. I thought the tool would be perfect for a number of projects, but without the CAD III it will just gather dust.

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    Wonderful Image (22 May 2014)

    My granddaughters love to tell stories about princesses. The Julie Nutting images have just the right attitude to allwo the girls to be inspired by the dolls to tell wonderful stories which we write down, but change with each telling.

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    Lovely embellishment (22 May 2014)

    I love Prima flowers, all of them. They add just the right touch to each project.

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    Great Tool! (22 May 2014)

    Reallyliked this spray and the effect on my paper. Just enough color, didn't overwhelm the project.

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    REALLY l;ike this spray (22 May 2014)

    The color is just enough to produce a very nice effect. Drying time to fast, too.

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    Great Tool (22 May 2014)

    Subtle color and shine. Easy to use. Really liked the effect on my tag.

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    Handy Caddy! (24 April 2014)

    This is a handy tool holder for the tapes and is easy to reload after a roll is finished. All types of tapes fit the holders and can handle the entire color palate

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    Beauty in Motion (26 June 2012)

    I used these dies to create a beautiful page for story telling. Just the right size for cutting faces from photos and using these dresses for the bodies!

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    Princesses Galore (26 June 2012)

    Am making a book for my granddaughters. These images are just right since they will be telling the story as they look at the pages!

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    Great Little Elements (26 June 2012)

    Just the right addition to any page. Not too large and works well with other flowers.

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    Flowers (31 May 2012)

    This bag of beauties offers such a nice variety that any project will be enhanced nicely

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    Beads (31 May 2012)

    This are just the right size for small projects and added color in just the right place.

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    Add Sparkle (31 May 2012)

    these are a nice size for adding bling to any project.

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    Bright and Fun Rings (24 May 2012)

    I love these items! They are just the thing for finishing my book projects.

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    Just the Right size (24 May 2012)

    These rings work so very well for books and are just right for any project!

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    Zentangle Pens (12 March 2012)

    The variety of the pens is excellent and I am just getting into the whole process of Zentangle. Enough tools, just finding which size pen was a little challenging.

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    Punch It (12 March 2012)

    I love this product! It punches easily and lining up the run is excellent and easy. I added glitz to the flowers and it just made the whole piece pop!

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    Townscape a HIT (19 December 2011)

    I cut this die twice and was able to separate the pieces, and mix and match the pieces to fit my scene. It is very versitile diecut.

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    Sew Easy to Use (26 May 2011)

    I recommend that anyone buying this product line have someone with experience demo the proper way to use these tools. After having someone from We R Memory Keepers show me the right way to use this tool, I have used it very successfully. I have six heads and have used them with excellent results. Go ahead and give it a try! ! !

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    Flowers Galore (18 May 2011)

    Very easy to cut and use. I love the way they nest and form a "bush."

  • Flowers (25 October 2010)

    This die is outstanding. I used it yesterday with such wonderful results. I needed to decorate a bride's poster and we all had such a good time doing it. The more times I rolled the strip, the better the results. Practice does make wonderful flowers.

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    Cutting Where You Want (10 October 2010)

    This works so well. I encourage anyone who likes to add windows to cards and layouts to purchase this tool from Fiskars.

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    Letterpress is Great! (17 December 2009)

    I have just started to use my Letter press debossing tool for wedding stationary for new couples. It is easy and looks just wonderful. I recommend it highly! The tools that are included to set the paper consistently are very effective.

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    Wedding Art (04 June 2009)

    I needed to make a quick card for a soon to be bride. The set was good, though I needed something else to complete the look I wanted. The cake and topper worked really well.

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    Ranger Does it Again! (17 December 2008)

    These Claudine Hellmuth mediums are wonderful. I love the gloss and the matte. They are easy to stamp with Staz-On ink. Please try out these products.

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    Cards galore (17 December 2008)

    The magazine is very glossy and too contrived for me. I prefer cards that have more art, less construction. This is a great magazine for people who like to use already created elements and want to grab supplies to make a card.

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    Great Base! (17 December 2008)

    I used the gesso as a base for oil pastels. It dried beautifully, and quickly, the coverage was excellent. Ranger has made another great product

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    Kigns and Queens now have a Home! (06 August 2008)

    I purchased the Accucuts dies that go with this BE product last year so that I could give a home to the coins I give as a baby present. I sandwiched the coins, these are ceremonial coins, between clear acetate in the front window. I embellish the rest of the book with papers, the baby's name, and a space for a picture of the ceremony. Everyone loves the book, and I love having such a great base product to embellish.

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    On the House (06 August 2008)

    I loved this mini book! I needed to create a gift for a new family and this fit the bill for me. I was very easy to embellish and I found I had more than enough ideas to cover each page. BE did it again!

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    Just the Right Size (06 August 2008)

    What I like about this pack is it fits the Revolution and I don't have to trim the paper myself. It saves time in the long run.

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    Just Point and Cut! (06 August 2008)

    I had the opportunity to use the fingertip craft knife yesterday and what a great tool! I cut through the foam core board I was trimming easily, I could see where I needed to cut and was pleasantly surprised that it was so easy to guide.

  • Crop a Dile case (11 June 2008)

    Once I figured out the remove the feet, I loved the compact silhouette and the little storage areas are great, too. Easy to cary around and the Crop A Dile works great.

  • Recipe Box (11 June 2008)

    Some of the stickers were pealed from the backing and unuseable. The idea is good, and the content of the embellishemnts were adequate, I was hoping for a little edge in the variety. Good for cute, but not necessarily for every age.

  • Tin Album Kit (11 June 2008)

    I like the variety of products that are included int his kit. The two round and two square tins are perfect for any creative outlet. There are enough different embellishments to personalize each tin.