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  • so amazing and FREE is the best part (25 June 2015)

    It has been a while since I held a PRINTED Scrapbook magazine in my hands. This magazine is one of the last around. It is amazing! High Quality - thick paper, bright colorful pages...tons of inspiration, how tos and interesting articles with LIMITED ads. just perfect. This is a must.

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    So Convenient.... (24 April 2014)

    So - I know that you can die cut photos...or punch photos. But sometimes I'm too lazy to actually measure...these are SO perfect, and SO convenient! Now I can scrapbook all those trendy fun sizes with very little effort!

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    SO MANY possibilities! (19 March 2012)

    This kit is expertly designed. SO many themes possible as well... I didn't feel limited at all. ACTUALLY, I really like just opening the kit and creating just with the kit, instead of trying to search my stash for other coordinating pieces. EVERYTHING you need is right here. I made 2 layouts and 2 cards - and have a BUNCH leftover. :)

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    This is a Great Little Tool - (30 April 2010)

    I had a chance to use this tool on a few of my layouts this weekend. Although it is quite loud... it does an excellent and FAST job!

    I love that by pulling the cardstock or paper through different directions you get a rougher or lighter distressed look.!!

    I feel like a handyman working w/ wood out in his 'shop'... Only, I'm a woman, with a bright pink tool...working w/ my scrappy creations!!! LOL

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    This is Perfect for Adding a Personal Touch if you are Giving a Gift Card (27 October 2009)

    A gift card fits perfectly in here with room for a pop-up adhesive square, or tissue paper, or a few candies for fun!

    Also great as personalized favors for holiday parties, baby showers, or bridal showers. AND so easy/fun to decorate with your favorite scrapbooking/crafting products. (i used zip dry to adhere my paper to the tin - and it worked great!)

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    I love these Bamboo Alphas! (27 August 2009)

    I love these Bamboo Alphabets!
    They are the perfect touch for Retro 70's Layouts OR Tropical Vacation Layouts!!!

    (they are not self adhesive - so i just used a few drops of Glossy Accents (or Diamond Glaze) and they stuck perfectly!)

    I also loved how there was 2 of each consonant and 3 of each vowel!

  • holy scrap (13 July 2009)

    holy scrap - this kit is amazing! it is such a good deal! i'm set with brads now! woo hoo!

  • very well made - beautiful album (19 May 2009)

    This album is so cool! it really has a nice metallic sheen to it!

  • works really great - another amazing tool from we r (06 April 2009)

    This hand-held corner rounder (chomper) is super smooth and almost silent! I like that it is 1 tool...but 2 different sizes of corner punches.

    If you had one of those AH!WOW! moments when you first held/or used the will be "love at first chomp" with this amazing tool!!!! I had so much fun using it, i kept trying to find more and more things to corner round!

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    GREAT VALUE!!! BEAUTIFUL! (07 November 2008)

    this is a STEAL, especially with bargain sale price!!! i loved this calendar kit, and it made a great gift calendar for my mom,,,, she LOVED it!!!

  • LOVE these AlbumS ---so fun.... so simple!!!! (23 June 2008)

    I reaLLy and TrulY do LoVe thEsE ALBUMS!!!! ALL of them!!!!

    just a note... in the video, the demonstrator states that you can use 84 photos... but REALLY there is only room for 82 photos...

    She is SO silly.

    notice any resemblance??

    :) hehe.

  • This Trimmer is Awesome! (27 March 2008)

    I recently got a chance to PLAY with this amazing trimmer .. i would have given it 5 stars.. but i thought it wasn't fair, since i don't actually own it.

    This is a super heavy duty industrial trimmer and it makes the absolute SMOOTHEST cuts.!! great for cutting cardstock or patterned paper.... i haven't tried it for digital pictures though...

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    I use this for EVERY project!! (09 January 2008)

    I use this for every project!! I love it... the ruler is great, and i love using an exacto knife to cut paper on the self-healing mat!! Mine has so much glue, paint and adhesive on it, that soon i will have to buy another to replace it!! I never start a project without laying out my EK mat, ruler an knife first!

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    oF cOuRSE I LIke It fOr 99 CEntS!!!!! (14 December 2007)

    I edge distressed every single one of my 3-peice -wedding invitations and they turned out beautiful!!! Yes, it is just razor blade protected with a peice of plastic to run along side the edge of your cardstock,,, but for 99 CENTS, thank you for doing the work Heidi! :)

  • love that it is spiral bound (10 September 2007)

    :) Love that it is Spiral Bound this year!!! great job!!!

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    cute idea, but not easy to work with (19 July 2007)

    too small, and they started to fall apart after a few uses. :(

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    Good for certain things (19 July 2007)

    I used this to quickly glue shut all of my wedding invitations. :) super extra sticky! nothing popped back up! :)

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    Favorite Ink Shade... (10 July 2007)

    Not too dark, not too light, the perfect brown ink for the perfect 'aged and distressed' look...

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    I Don't even need to explain... (10 July 2007)

    TRY IT>..... thats all i have to say. --- you WILL love it. -----

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    I Finally Found My Favorite!!!!! (10 July 2007)

    After being involved with scrapbooking for 2 years, and trying many different adhesives, I finally found my FAVORITE!!!

    I LOVE that it is 82 feet long, so I don't have to stop and refill very often. It also has a sturdy design that fits great in my hand. :)