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    Are they flowers or ... SNOWFLAKES? ;) (09 December 2010)

    Petaloo has pleasantly surprised me once again with their Flora Doodles. The Flora Doodles come in many sizes and in an ample sized bag that leaves you with plenty for the imagination! The velvety feel of the flowers reminded me of the way first fallen snow look and thus, took the smaller flowers in the pack and used them as snowflakes!!!

    I did read in this product's description that the flowers are dyeable and with some food coloring I think will make a great addition to any children's craft project as well!

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    Petaloo's Penguins (09 December 2010)

    These little guys will give the perfect amount of shine to your greeting cards and scrapbook pages alike. Petaloo's Penguins are the Perfect size for small gift cards and because of their "petite penguin" size, you can double them up on scrapbook pages!!!

    An excellent find and buy!!!

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    Four Tiny Reindeer ... (24 November 2010)

    ... awaiting to adorn your cards or scrapbook pages! These guys are not only cute, they're self adhesive minimizing your need for glue!

    Crafted out of glittery foam, these reindeer will definitely put the Christmas spirit into any project you include them in!

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    All the buzz about Doodlebug's bumblebee colored rhinestones! (18 August 2010)

    Not quite certain at first if this product was going to meet my needs, I decided to give it a go ahead and to my surprise, these rhinestones perfectly suit my needs! Coming in all sizes and in a golden hue, they are perfect for everything from card making to scrapbooking!

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    Pretty ... and PINK too!!! (18 August 2010)

    Not as large as the Doodlebug collection, Sweet Life's bling truly does make the card designer's life (mine, that is) sweet indeed! A nice assortment of rhinestone sizes, there is no telling what your imagination can think of to create with these little gems!