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    So much fun! (21 August 2012)

    I just got my first set of Distress Inks and I kept seeing people using this blending tool... I wasn't quite sure if it was really worth it but I figured I'd give a try. It's so much fun! It blends so beautifully and I can't imagine not having it!

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    Excellent (21 August 2012)

    This is my first time using Distress Inks and they are everything I was hoping they would be! I am in love! I'm so glad I decided to get the set, too. It's a great collection of colors- especially if you're new to Distress Inks and want a decent base of colors to choose from. I'll admit, I did some price-shopping around the internet and's price is pretty much in line with anywhere else, as they usually are (thank you!) ;)

  • Disappointing :/ (04 August 2012)

    I completely agree with "abigailkirkpatrick" on this one... This tape runner is easy to use and refill but the adhesive really isn't that great... I've found that most of the projects I've used it on are now coming apart and I've had to go back with a better adhesive to fix everything... not happy with it at all :/

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    Disappointing :/ (04 August 2012)

    This tape runner is easy to use and refill but the adhesive really isn't that great... I've found that most of the projects I've used it on are now coming apart and I've had to go back with a better adhesive to fix everything... not happy with it at all :/

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    Neat little product (04 August 2012)

    I really liked this... all the other reviews are spot-on... one word of advice though! Don't store it upside down! I kept mine stored with the tip down, thinking it would keep the tip from drying out... but after sitting like that for a few days all the glue leaked out into the cap! :( Maybe mine was cracked or something- BUT it worked great before that happened and I still plan on purchasing another one! Just a little storage advice! ;)

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    Great Buy (24 May 2012)

    Just can't beat the price for stocking up on white or black paper. Nice and heavy/good quality.. :)

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    *joy* (24 May 2012)

    My first Copic Marker set! I'm loving it so far - The flexible brush nib is SO COOL! I'll definitely be purchasing more colors in the future. :)

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    Love it! (24 May 2012)

    So simple, yet so useful!

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    Love this set! <3 (24 May 2012)

    These are my favorite stamps, currently... Excellent image quality and they are perfect for adding texture and depth to a project. I love that they're rubber stamps but still cling mount and they come with a very handy storage sheet. :)

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    Pleasantly Surprised! (24 May 2012)

    This little set was so cheap that I honestly wasn't expecting much in the way of quality but, I was pleasantly surprised! They leave a nice sharp image and are so cute! What more could you ask for? ;)

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    Great pen! (11 March 2012)

    I've had a white pen before (can't remember the brand) and it was horrible, so I was a bit nervous when I ordered this. I was pleasantly surprised, however, because it works great. Good coverage (don't have to go back over it), writes very smooth with no skipping and dries fairly quick! Couldn't be happier with it :)

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    Works great! (19 February 2012)

    So glad I bought this! Easy to use and works like a charm every time :)

  • Neat :) (19 November 2011)

    I bought this for my sister, last year, to keep all of her embroidery supplies in and she really liked it :) It's well made, too - nice and sturdy construction!

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    yay for smash book! (19 November 2011)

    This is the kind of product I usually prefer to see first before purchasing, so I was a little nervous buying it online. But, I love it! It's well made... spiral bound and lays nice and flat no matter what page you open it to... the pages are nice and thick (like card stock) to hold up to whatever you put on them and the cover is nice and sturdy. Not a single complaint!

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    LOVE THIS! (19 November 2011)

    This product was even better than I was expecting! I'm so happy with it in every way - not a single complaint, really! Holds a TON of stuff, too - I still haven't completely filled mine :)

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    yay martha! (19 November 2011)

    well made... looks good... love that the blade release is at the bottom so your fingers aren't anywhere near the blade while you're loosening or tightening the grip!

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    Great Product! (19 November 2011)

    I was a little worried that I was going to end up with a flimsy, cheaply made ruler - but I was pleasantly surprised, because it's nice and sturdy / heavy in weight... will definitely hold up to my abuse (haha)! One side can be used as a "centering ruler" and I have used that way more than I thought I would- very helpful! I also love the "hole guide" and have used that part many times... no complaints here!

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    What? No more stacks of paper everywhere? (19 November 2011)

    I'm going to order more - enough said ;)

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    Organized & Practical! (19 November 2011)

    Love it! Great product - keeps all my "works in progress" organized and I love that it fits in the cropper hopper 12x12" paper holder :)

  • All My Memories, Imaginisce - Urban Chic 12x12 Album in Chocolate Brown (02 July 2011)

    Excellent! Looks gorgeous and it's very well made - A lot better than I was expecting, actually!

  • Mini Keys (02 July 2011)

    A little smaller than I thought they would be, but still adorable!

  • Pets Collection Brads:: Cat (02 July 2011)

    Same as the "dog" version! Adorable and can't wait to use them!

  • Pets Collection Brads:: Dog (02 July 2011)

    Very cute - can't wait to use them!