Jen4700's Reviews

  • Love this color! (28 January 2013)

    I love this color. It's a rich, royal blue. Not too bright. You could easily use this for a red, white, blue page. I would call this a primary blue. It's got a slight texture (canvas I think) that I really like too!

  • Verified Buyer

    The best patterned paper! (17 September 2012)

    This patterned paper is cardstock weight and a little textured. The pack comes with coordinating solid color, textured CS, too. They are timeless patterns. Great for monotone pages. Excellent Bazzill quality!

  • My Fav Adhesive (31 July 2012)

    I've used this adhesive for years. It's my old faithful adhesive. 49 ft is $4.50 to refill. Compare this to $8.50 for Scotch dot adhesive refill. You have to thread the Herma manually thru the reels. The Scotch is a drop-in cartridge. Just depends if you want to take the time to refill the herma, which can be tricky the first time you do it.

    Check out the EK Success video on how to load their dispensers.