Myraskidmore's Reviews

  • Handy Gadget (01 April 2016)

    This is one of my favorite scrapping "extras"! It will clamp to almost any table or countertop (I've never found a surface that it doesn't attach to!) and it is SO well-made and durable. Having a drink holder prevents water damage to your papers, or accidental spills, which we all know is devastating to paper crafting. The trash bag holds a lot of garbage, and I scrap a lot….nearly every day. It easily detaches from the holder in order to empty it, and just as easily re-attaches. The best part is that it's small and portable. You don't have to have a large trash can sitting by your chair, and it travels with you when you go to crops or work on a project while traveling. This is a great product!

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    Prima Beauty (22 August 2015)

    I purchased this paper to make backgrounds for tags and shadowboxes. It is truly beautiful collage work, and is one of my favorite papers. Prima can't be beat for both quality and artwork in their papers.

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    Best Tool (29 May 2014)

    This is the best tool I have purchased in a long time, and for so little money! If you use a lot of the thin metal dies with intricate little holes in them and find yourself picking out the paper in those holes after using the die, this is the tool for you. I usually put a layer of waxed paper between my die and my paper for easy removal, and this tool makes getting those little paper-filled holes clean a breeze. Just roll the tool over the die, and out they pop! I highly recommend this tool!

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    Beautiful Brads (24 May 2013)

    Gorgeous, unique métal brads that are very vintage in design. I do a lot of neutral, monochromatic, and vintage designs, so I purchased six packages of these brads and wish I had gotten more. If you like this kind of style, you'll love these brads.

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    Great Product (08 May 2013)

    Love this package of ephemera pieces. I have used two of them to embellish mini-albums and the small size of most of the pieces makes them very useful for this application. They are very vintage, which I love, and they make striking accents to any scrapbook project.

  • Very Cute! (28 August 2012)

    I bought these to liven up a mini album I made for a relative, and they did a great job. Pretty designs with a great sticky backing. Love them.

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    Lovely flowers (18 June 2012)

    These are well-made and very solid. They may be a bit heavy for some layouts, but I plan to glue them to chipboard, so it shouldn't be a problem. They are very beautiful and go well with some of the new kraft-colored paper collections.

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    Beautiful flowers! (18 June 2012)

    These are gorgeous flowers, perhaps a bit deeper in color than the photograph shows, but I plan to distress them a bit anyway so the original color isn't as important to me as the shape, which is very pretty. A great choice for a feminine layout!

  • Gorgeous Colors (09 February 2012)

    This is beautiful paper and would be nice in either a layout or in a mini album, which is what I intend to do with it. The colors are very soft and vintage.

  • Beautiful Paper (09 February 2012)

    I have not had a chance to use this paper yet, but it is truly gorgeous with lovely soft colors and a great vintage feel to the line. It is beautiful paper and I can't wait to create a project with it!