Ladyscrap46's Reviews

  • tattered florals (09 December 2012)

    lets face it anything Timmy is great in my book I love this die you can take those 4 flowers and distress roll heat twist and make a large aray of flowers for your projects

  • Border punch (09 December 2012)

    This seems to be my go to punch for all projects it seems to go with every paper line its great I just love it

  • File Tab (09 December 2012)

    I really like this die no longer will I try to find another tab for my projects, I can cut out a tab in just about any color for all my projects its great Love me some Timmie

  • Cant Scrap without it (10 March 2010)

    I do not know how I scrapped so many years without this cutter. I get a straight line every time and if I make a mark where I want to cut with the built in guide I can cut directly on that mark every time. this cutter is great and I would recommend it to anyone who has problems with any other trimmer

  • Verified Buyer

    GEORGUS (10 March 2010)

    I was a little hesatent about this paper for a long time I just kept looking at it and thought it didnt suit my style, well I had to do a book on faries and low and behold this was the paper for me every page is simply beautful and works well with each other, needless to say my fairy book was a big hit and I still have tons of paper to make one for myself. I love this stack and would recommend to any one who wants Happily Ever After

  • big fan (10 March 2010)

    I am a dcwv nut I love each and every paper stack they come out with but this one when I fliped the pages just made my sweet tooth act up, every page in this collection is beautful I still have not really cut into it because everything is so pretty but when I do I know it will be beautful

  • beauty (10 March 2010)

    when I purchased the stack I was in love with the way dcwv added foil to the papers, but when I got a chance to work with it I was in love with the entire stack. really hated to cut it up but when I did everything I made with it was simply beautful I would recommend this stack to anyone who loves butterflies, foil, bright colors and glitter

  • Tim is the man (10 March 2010)

    if you say Tim Holtz I'll say I'll take it, I love this stuff, (love it sooooo much I dont want to use it) but this pack really gives you more bang for your scrapping buck. I still have many many pieces left ofer in this pack, and with it being grunge board I can do just about anything with it along with the other Tim Holtz products it rocks in my book get you a package and you will see what I mean

  • great (10 March 2010)

    I've had these sitting around for a while and finally decided to use them and I really liked the out come they were great, my only concern was that after I used them they lost their stick and that teed me off a little but I added a little sticky to the back and their not as good as new but I can still use them

  • This is it (10 March 2010)

    I love my cricut expression I also have the first cricut but this one has a very big difference I can cut as many die cuts as I need withou any problem, and with me joining a lot of swaps this machine comes in handy for making a large quanity of things I would say if you can get this machine and you will never have another scrapping worrie

  • two thumbs up (10 March 2010)

    at first the Gypsy was a little intimadating and confusing to use I had to search a lot of web sites go to a lot of chat rooms and download the manual and sit down and read it twice well I finally got the hand of it and wow it is really cool and I found that out when I took a weekend trip and wanted to do a little scrapping with my cricut while I was gone but did not want to lug all my cartridges with me out came the Gypsy and the cricut and away I went I was able to access every one of my cartridges with the cricut and cut anything I wanted and even make some designs of my own so for the Gypsy it self I give it two thumbs up, but for customer service it gets two thumbs down. no mater what I called with the answers were not helpful

  • The best (10 March 2010)

    this machine is the best thing that every happen to the scrapbook/paper crafting world. first of all is will cut any and I mean any true font on your computer so thats a plus right there, second the store is connected right ther in your program so if your in need of a design there is no need to treck to the store just open the buy on line link and there you go. third the dies are only .99 each you can get them one at a time or get yourself a subscription (which is what I did (lol) after reading the small book that comes with the machine and taking the on line classes you are ready to cut just about anything with it. and heres the final kicker it will print, yes thats right it will print a design on your computer and then you bring it back to the machine and it will cut it out I mean you cant beat that, this machine is my best friend and I cannot scrap without it, not to mention their customer service is the best in the world

  • American Crafts (30 June 2009)

    I have been using these Albums since Jan 09 and I am in LOVE I like the fact that I am not restricted to 10 page procters per album and that I can put any size layout in here with the extra bonus of being able to decorate the front of my album any way I choose makes it a plus for me, every time I fill one up I just order another and Im off, I have given away all my other Albums this is the one I want to keep for life

  • Stiching Templates (30 June 2009)

    I really like this product I thought I could do this on my own with what I had, but this templet make life a lot eaiser, it just moves me right along so I can have time for other things on my pages, trying to stich without it will take entirely to long

  • great product (24 August 2008)

    I call this my second adhevsive I love them so much I try only to use them sparingly, I have every size they make mini, craft, pop up , and vullemn, and get a little worried when I start to run short. the bond with these things is unreal once it adhears to your page you are not getting it off without destroying the layout

  • Verified Buyer

    try it you'll like it (13 August 2008)

    I have tryed adhesive after adhesive after adhesive from the dollar store to walmart and some where down the line the pictures and die cuts did fall off. me lss had these in and one night at a crop she recomended this adhesive to me I have been hooked every since I will not use anything else

  • love love love it (09 May 2008)

    If I had not seen it with my own eyes and touched it with my own hand I would not beleive it, this stuff is great. Tim you really did it this time. When I opened the package I instantly fell in love I try and reach for them on every layout.

  • Verified Buyer

    Zutter fun (07 April 2008)

    When I first saw the bind it all at my lss I pulled it off the shelf and read the box right then and there I just knew it was the answer to the question, (How would I go about making my own albums) Since I've owned my BIND IT ALL I have no reason th purchase any more mini albums Christmas I made desk calendars and gave them to the family they loved them. at first glance it may look a bit ockward but no worries it couldnt be simplier to work with. if you love to create your way, than this is the tool for you, add this to your stash and you will look no more.