Chelseavantol's Reviews

  • Love it! (19 February 2008)

    This is a great little tool! When I went for this, I honestly chose it because it was the cheapest on the shelf... little did I realize how much better it is than the other, larger versions out there. It is quite sharp and creates very precise holes. It's easy to store due to the small size, creates perfectly sized holes, and the cover keeps it from piercing anything while not in use. Serious bang for your buck (and size) in this product.

  • Amazing Book! (22 March 2008)

    I am so glad I purchased this book, it's awesome!! There are tons of layouts of all different styles, using all different products. I buy magazines because I like to look at the layouts but I don't really find the articles all that useful... and magazines get fairly expensive.. this book has all the layouts and no articles (there are a few good tips though). There are so many LO pictures that I could own only this book forever and find endless inspiration from it. For the $15 I paid, it was *well* worth it. Everyone needs this book!