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  • Easy and kid-proof! Really! (25 April 2010)

    I use these in nearly every layout I do! I buy little plastic stencils and use these chalks with them to create my own patterned papers, which looks amazing, and allows me to use some of the otherwise "boring" papers that come in big packs. These are so easy to use, I even let my friend's 5-yr-old daughter use them with me!

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    beautiful design! (30 May 2010)

    this is the first ms punch i purchased, and it led to several more! i use it all the time! it's super accurate when lining up the paper. it does stick after the first 5 or so uses but i just give the base a quick whack and it snaps right out. i love this punch!!

  • Have to be careful... (30 May 2010)

    I loved this cutter when I first bought it, but I broke the first one because I just barely missed the hole with the blade and the force cracked and shattered the plastic. I still gave it 4 stars because I know I have a heavy hand and nowhere does it claim to be a sturdy piece of equipment! I learned my lesson and bought another one because I do not have room in my room for that many individual circle punches! Just be careful to get the blade into the hole accurately or you could end up with a cracked wheel!

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    Perfect! (02 June 2010)

    While it IS more of a yellowed khaki color, it is absolutely beautiful and even more vintage-y looking than an off white. I painted some chipboard letters with it today with just a thin layer and they now have the most beautiful tiny crackled effect to them! It only took about an hour to dry completely and the cracked bits don't flake off! I actually tried to rub them off just to see and the paint didn't budge! Overall I'm extremely pleased with the product, just need more! :D

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    LOVE (10 June 2010)

    This punch is so easy to use! I will say it does tend to stick every once in a while if I'm punching very thick cs, but a quick whack to the base with a palm will free it right up, and it doesn't bother me a bit considering I have used BAD punches in the past and this is great. The design is so versatile, and it's not that hard to punch around a page with it, because the stars don't have to line up perfectly at the corners, which is really nice. Overall, I love!

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    Beautiful book (10 June 2010)

    This book is well made, well planned out and well written. The bright colors and spiral binding make it the kind of book I want to carry all over the house with me. I have reread and reread this book over and over, but some of the ideas still have me a bit stumped. There are plenty of awesome tips and ideas to use, though, and I'll probably be pulling it out for inspiration for years to come, even if the lo's featured in it seem a bit outdated.

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    Awesome! (10 June 2010)

    The color of this paint is so perfect, I want to use it on nearly every project I do! If I didn't think it would weird people out that I used it on every card, lo, mini album etc. lol! But the color really does seem to go with just about any color scheme. I love the crackle to it, just like all other crackle paints I have not been disappointed - it's great!

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    The ONLY embossing ink you'll ever need! (10 June 2010)

    I've tried other brands of embossing inks, but none have come anywhere close to this one! It really doesn't give any kind of distress effect with just your average embossing powders, but it stays wet for up to 5 mins - I tried it! The fact that it doesn't dry quickly also helps give your images the most crisp appearance, so no more partial polka dots or stars! lol I will never waste time or money using another brand of embossing ink ever again.

  • Waste of time/money (10 June 2010)

    I don't know how anyone could get by with only 15 ink pads, which is all this holds. It's not attractive at all and with most of my ink pads being Distress and SU! this really does not work for me at all. The SU! pads are far too big for this holder, and the Distress pads fit, but then there is a lot of wasted space. Overall, I would not recommend, because it is somewhat of an outdated style and not made to fit all types of inks.

  • A big BUT... (17 June 2010)

    I love the pattern of this punch and of course it works just as great as all my other MS punches BUT...mine doesn't seem to line up quite right, it leaves a mm too much space in between the punches so I have to eyeball it and move it off the line-up pattern on the bottom to make it almost right. AND there are a lot of MS punches where, if you're creative enough with it, you can figure out a way to punch around the page with it and the corners don't look too weird, but with this one it is impossible. I tried and tried, but it just doesn't work out, and from what I've seen they didn't even make a corner punch for this one.

    Overall, I'm sure I'll still use this from time to time, and to me it was kind of worth the money because I am a total punch-a-holic and it was on sale, but I don't think I'd recommend it to a friend when I could suggest so many other MS punches that are just as beautiful and work better.

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    very good! (23 June 2010)

    At only 24 pages, this e-book is a quick read, but somehow it's still packed full of great ideas to get the creativity flowing and find inspiration in everyday life. I enjoyed it a lot! Stacy Julian has some unique and awesome projects and tricks to help you become confident in your own style, not the style you think you're supposed to have!

  • Alternate use... (26 June 2010)

    I actually use this far more frequently for piercing only. I line up my clear ruler on my paper and pierce gently every 1/8 or 1/4" to create teeny holes for hand stitching! It works beautifully and ensures I don't end up ripping the paper trying to shove a needle through it. It is a great tool for setting brads as well, but I tend to do a lot more stitching than I use brads, and this has saved me so many headaches! Fabulous.