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    Great Tool for a Fantastic Price! (30 January 2011)

    I have been hesitating to buy myself an embossing-type tool. I was afraid that getting a one-trick-pony wouldn't be worth it. I finally caved since this tool wasn't that pricy, and I couldn't be happier! Not only is this tool the easiest tool I've ever used (honestly, you don't even have to read the instructions), but the results are beautiful and look like you spent serious time on the design (instead of the 10 seconds it took you to turn the crank). I can't help but grin like a school girl as I turn the crank and watch an amazingly perfect product come out of this tool every time! Definitely worth the money to add a bit of unexpected texture to your every day scrapbooking and card-making tool kit.

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    Obsession Finds a Home (30 January 2011)

    I have been obsessed with blank books since I was a little girl. I've collected them for years, and always look for ones with interesting covers, pages with special designs, and spiral bound pages is a MUST! I've always had a problem though - I leave the books I buy "blank" because they become imperfect after I write in them. So I have a whole drawer full of beautiful - but forever blank - books.
    After finding this tool, I had to give a sigh of relief - FINALLY! I can build my own books to my own specifications, and not be afraid to write in the pages! The tool works cleanly and smoothly and I've had so much fun creating books for any reason!
    I had a few "beginners" problems:
    1) the first few sheets I punched got a weird yellow oil around the holes - I'm assuming this was an oil from the inner mechanisms. It went away after the first few punches, but I mention it so that anyone with a new machine makes sure to punch a few test sheets first.
    2) On my first book, I forgot that the cover's holes would need to be lined up a bit differently so that the inside pages are "centered" when the covers are a bit taller than the internal pages.

    After these mistakes, I've been whipping right through creating new books for all my needs - books full of graph paper for drawing out scrapbooking and card floor plans, books with list pages I print out on the computer to make custom grocery lists, etc. I highly recommend this tool for those like me that love to have the perfect book for any purpose.

    This tool is really aptly named - it makes spiral bound book making a "cinch"!

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    The Worlds Best Card Glue (30 January 2011)

    I have been looking for a glue to keep ribbons in place, a glue to attach rhinestones firmly and without mess, and a glue with a narrow tip to easily apply to diecuts, etc. for a LONG time. This one glue accomplishes all of these effortlessly. If you want one glue to do it all, this is it! I'll never be caught again messing with glue guns, ribbons that fall off my layouts, and messy glue stamp pads that get glue on both the front and back of my diecuts. Do yourself a favor: buy 3 bottles NOW so you don't have to reorder after you find out how much you LOVE this product!